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Carey Sheer Genius Full Bent Billiard

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Carey Sheer Genius Full Bent Billiard
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Aptly Named, Beautiful Pipe! Review by BillyGunn19
If you've read my first review on Carey's Old Town Vanilla Flake, you might conclude that E A Carey's (Europe) is my favourite place for all things pipe! Why? Because they are committed to providing us with everything we need to enjoy our journey with Briar.

I've smoked a Pipe for only 3 years, but that is my only form of smoking I partake in after kicking the ole cigarettes into touch.

Apologies if up to now you have read this and thought I've reviewed the company and forgot the pipe. But it seems to me after experiencing many Tobacconists around the world (whilst travelling with work) that EA Carey's (Europe) strive for and have attained excellence in all they do!

I don't work for them although it would be my dream job :)

But the Sheer Genius is just that! Excellent!

It arrives in a striking Baize sock with the company name proudly emblazoned.

What you get:

A beautiful pipe, with a high gloss mirror finished pipe with amazing depth to the grain. With absolutely no fills or imperfections.

The Bowl:

This is very well balanced extremely comfortable in your hand, it is a very sleek pipe with a deceptively deep bowl. This comes uncarbonised meaning you really do start from scratch with breaking it in.

A good number of half bowls increasing it until you get a good uniform cake but it is worth it.

The "Magic Inch" is also a genius idea which really does work! The workings of it are attached permanently to the Mortice so you insert the pipe cleaner through the hollow tube which leads to the perfectly drilled draught hole.

In summary this pipe is truly amazing in craftsmanship, finish and smoke. I think the Sheer Genius pipes are made exclusively for Carey's by Chacom. (Posted on 25/03/2015)

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