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Straight Self Carve Pipe

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Straight Self Carve Pipe
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What a fantastic experiance Review by George
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It was my 58th Birthday last Friday, my son Damian gave me a “carve your own pipe” along with some other lovely things.
I always have thought it might be exciting to carve my own pipe. I was very excited by the present. I don’t have any equipment other than a stanley knife, some old files and an electric multi tool with limited attachments (dremel type).
I started on Saturday and rapidly realised this was going to be a very difficult task.
The wood was like steel very hard indeed!
I have carved freehand a figurine in Brazilin mahogany and that was hard wood, but briar is probably even harder.
I went on the internet and was advised that coarse wood rasps were a good idea. I bought a pack of 3 from Screwfix for £8.00. Unfortunately they only operate on the forward stroke, so I often had to move the wood block keeping the rasp still.
I nearly gave up cutting my finger quite badly with the Stanley knife. Every day I would carve, rasp and shape. Every night I would mark out the shape again with pen onto the block.
Cautionary note be very carful around the mortise area as I have heard a few people have cracked the pipe when they have finished.
I did not use sandpaper but used the multi tool to sand and finish it off. I used some furniture touch up stain and beeswax polish.
It looks tremendous and very much a pipe shape.
I had originally intended to put a face on the front of the pipe, but rapidly realised this was not possible with my limited equipment, skill and the hardness of the wood.
Sandra my wife said I spent about 12 hours doing it. I have not smoked it yet, having that delight to look forward to this afternoon. So from having the present to smoking took 1 week to create my pipe.
A present to love and keep for life, well worth giving it a go, but be warned its not as easy as it looks!!
(Posted on 28/10/2016)

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