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Carey's Boutique Desert Island Mix Tobacco 50gm Pouch

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Carey's Boutique Desert Island Mix Tobacco 50gm Pouch
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The one and only Review by George
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I took advantage of the XMAS18 offer getting 10% off and before budget price increases.
What an offer.
So I bought my favourite tobacco’s Desert Island Mix and Sliced Black Twist.
The best tobacco’s you can get and found here at E A Carey’s.
I also topped up with magic inch papyrates. (Posted on 18/12/2018)
Very pleasant all round smoke Review by Andrew
Customer Rating
If this was all I had to smoke on a desert island I would not complain at all. Very flavoursome and very light nicotine hit. Lots of spice initially and then mellows out into a very pleasant all round smoke. Lights easily out of the packet and burns well without getting too hot to hold. I may or may not re-order some because I have found my favourite to be peach brandy but this is well worth a try (Posted on 21/12/2017)
Top of my reorder list Review by G33k0iD
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Every now and then you come across a classic, and that is what this is. It's my go to good for anything chilaxin pipe filler. Cool, smooth, light and sweet. It's the cinderella of tobacco, fits just right. (Posted on 16/12/2017)
If I was on a Desert Island Review by George
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As a pipe smoker your palette develops and with that your tobacco choices.
I have to be honest if I was on a Desert Island and could have only one tobacco it would be DESERT ISLAND MIX (previous name Mixed Coconut)
Your going to think this is cleshay and a play on the name. But you would be wrong, this tobacco is tremendous, the blend is Devine.
A mixture of spicey Asian Burleys, American Virginias and Orientals with genuine Bourbon, vanilla and coconut flavourings. You get it all and I just love it. Smokes particularly well in a clay pipe. But if I was on the Desert Island I would take my "carve your own pipe" which I made two years ago. Given to me on my Birthday by my son and bought on this website. Took me 7 days to make.
Anyway give this tobacco a go, it's just the best. (Posted on 19/08/2017)
very satisfying Review by alan
Customer Rating
this was the first time i tried this tobacco and it
was very nice in deed I usually have bruno special but the was really nice (Posted on 01/05/2017)
I will be ordering more of this tobacco very soon Review by George
Customer Rating
Carey’s mixed coconut is a great tobacco and after smoking it for a few months now will defiantly be ordering more. In my 5 reviews on my Christmas tobaccos from Carey’s I said I would not be ordering any more, I have had to change my mind on this. You get a great coconut smell and taste with this tobacco with just a hint of vanilla. It’s a great treat to smoke it and I have come to love the taste. On my next order with Carey’s this will be part of the order. Just shows you should not make a judgement on the first couple of bowls. I have been told Carey’s have a new tobacco coming out Flaked Vanilla, will definitely try that when it becomes available. (Posted on 08/02/2015)
Rated no 4 out of my 5 tobaccos Review by George
I am doing a series of reviews on the 5 tobaccos that Santa gave me in my stocking Dec 2014. I was given 50gm of 2006 Black Aromatic, 2027 Wild Cherry, 2024 Ready Rubbed No7, 3006 Mixed Coconut and 3008 Black Twist. All of these tobaccos were on my wish list.
I have tried many types of tobaccos from various sources and like Condor Ready rubbed (green pouch) by far the best, up to this point. It’s the tobacco I always have and go to for a great smoke.
For these reviews I smoked all 5 tobaccos in my straight Falcon, one each day. I then tried them again in my Cary’s Full Bent Billiard Little Gem 9mm filter.
This review is on:-
3006 Mixed Coconut.
Shredded cut. Smells like a coconut Yankee candle. Tastes like a diluted glass of Baileys, flavours of Vanilla and Coconut. Mild nicotine hit. Hard to light due to being very most, but when lit stayed alight. Beats my local tobacconist Vanilla tobacco. I will not be ordering anymore of this tobacco.
I score it No 4 out of the 5 tobaccos.
(Posted on 03/01/2015)
Good mild tobacco Review by Mike
Tried this tobacco for the first time today. It's a good reasonably sweet tasting tobacco with a very mild taste. Good room note, not overpowering at all. Quite a loose tobacco so did need quite a bit of packing to get it to stay well lit. Overall nice tobacco and I look forward to using the rest of the pack (Posted on 13/12/2013)

8 Item(s)

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