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  1. avatar Evan says:

    Devastated to hear about these sad sad news. I entered the world of pipe smoking with one of your magic pipe systems ten years ago. Through the years and moving abroad I have used numerous pipes as well as tobacconists etc. Your exclusive products and more importantly the way of doing business was always in my heart. I’m certain that you will hold a special place in the minds and hearts of pipe smokers for the years to come right next to all the long gone legendary tobacconists . I bid you farewell and thanks for the memories.
    Ps. Please restock some papyrate filters they sell so fast these days and I desperately need some .

  2. avatar Chris says:

    I bought my first Carey pipe in 1978. Sadly I managed to break the stem so it is no longer around but I have plenty more. In fact I have over 40 pipes (I haven’t counted them lately so that may be an underestimate) and I smoke a different one every day. Some cost a lot yet few deliver the excellent ‘magic inch’ experience. Whatever will I do when my ample stock of papyrate sleeves is exhausted? It’s strange that the anti smoking gestapo keep snatching more ground but people still love the whiff of a pipe. I shall so miss Careys. Like a misty eyed farewell to a long loved mistress, gone but never forgotten.

  3. avatar James Bratt says:

    I am deeply saddened to find out that Carey’s is closing down. Although relatively new to pipe smoking, I have been building up my essential equipment from a gift box my wife bought me a few years ago. Having tried the sampler packs twice, I believe my favourite, and it’s very hard to choose, is PB. I realise it’s a little crass, but is there another online supplier you would recommend to look at in the future?

  4. avatar Saubion Bernard says:

    J’apprends en lisant les derniers commentaires la fermeture de EA Carey ! Est-ce à cause du Brexit ? Je n’ai posté qu’un seul commentaire il y a 10 ans car je ne parle pas suffisamment bien l’anglais avant de m’apercevoir qu’il existait un traducteur ! ( Google ) Alors je viens de passer ma dernière commande et fumerai du Nappa valley délicieusement parfumé au vin blanc chardonnay que je trouve en France et assez proche du spritzer. Je garderai ma little Gem et ma Dublin le plus longtemps possible. Bonne retraite à toute l’équipe hautement sympathique et professionnelle.

  5. avatar Paul Serotsky says:

    I thought that Covid-19 was bad news for the world, but Carey’s UK putting up its shutters is far worse news. Maybe I should add that: here in NZ Covid-19 is nowhere near as big a problem as it is elsewhere, but smokers have been subjected to a protracted witch-hunt, including the government cranking up the baccy duty until the retail price became FOUR TIMES what it is in UK!

    Nevertheless, with the sheer bloody-mindedness of a Yorkshireman, I have persisted with my pipes, including my treasured Careys, the last of which got caught in the initial coronavirus panic and took over four months to come through. To ease the wait, Jenny sent me some lovely photos to remind me of my holiday in wonderful Guernsey, a fair few years back. That’s something way beyond what anyone expects of even good customer service.

    Now, I’ve just ordered the last new pipe that will pass through Jenny’s hands on its way to me. The pleasure of receiving it will be tinged with feelings of great regret. Jenny, thanks for everything, and long may your horizons remain blue and bright!

  6. avatar T K says:

    I have placed my last annual order. It’s very sad to hear Carey’s is closing. Your services were perfect, even for a customer like me halfway around the globe. Thank you and best wishes.

  7. avatar Stephen Tisshaw says:

    I am sad to hear of Carey’s closing down. As a long time pipe smoker, I have enyoyed shopping for my favourite blends and looking at yur website as well as receiving your catalogue. I shall miss this greatly.

  8. avatar Dan Barlow says:

    I have just placed what will probably be my last order from Carey’s. I was so sad to see that my favourite Balkan Special was sold out, but I find the Castle blend is also to my taste. Thank you so much for your superb products and exemplary customer service over the last 7 years I have been buying from you. You will be sadly missed. Jenny – you have been brilliant and so efficient, so to you personally I send my best wishes for the future. Thank you. You were especially good in resolving a problem when I found myself ‘under investigation’ by the US authorities for attempting to use Paypal to buy Syrian Latakia (there was a US trade embargo on Syrian products) – I have dined out on that story for years! Thanks again. Dan

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Thank you very much Dan – I had a good chuckle at that Syrian Latakia story! Thank you for your past custom which has been very much appreciated. Kind regards, Jenny

  9. avatar Paul Gilliver says:

    Tried all the samples now. Some I enjoyed more than other, found three that really stood out from the rest. Makes it pretty hard to chose now when I order from the Tobacco Club. One I think was the star of the bunch was the Balkan Mix.

  10. avatar Paul Gilliver says:

    If I order 2 of the small sampler packs can I get all the different blends of tobacco from your range. I want to try all of them before rejoining the Tobacco Club, So I can get the right choice for me It is going to take far to lung to go through them all with 50 gram pouches. Just about to start my 4rd pack now.

  11. avatar Mr Paul Gilliver says:

    I used to be a member of the tobacco club about 10 years ago since then I have had my pipes laying idle. I decided it was time to go back to my old trusted pipes. The only place to go for my tobacco was Careys. I am now going through the whole rage of their tobacco, to find the one I like the best when I have done that I am going to join the club again, Your product always arrived on time every month. Quality tobacco at the best price always fresh and well packaged. Thank you for just being there for pipe smoker the world over .will be back with another order soon. Thank you and stay safe!!!!!!!!!

  12. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    I have a regular Club order with you, but have just ordered an extra couple of those blends for a friend who has expressed an interest. Glad to help out another pipe smoker in this regard. Keep up the good work.

  13. avatar Antonio Carvalho says:

    I would be very grateful if you could let me know which is the mildest of your pipe tobaccos.

  14. avatar Terry says:

    Does anyone know of a shop where I can purchase pipe stingers?

  15. avatar Steven says:

    I have shared the following with some fellow pipe smokers but not yet here. I usually rub out flakes as I cannot get on with the fold and stuff method. I prefer quite a fine consistency. For a while now I have been using a spare coffee bean grinder to cut up large, thick flakes into smaller pieces and it works a treat. I tear up each flake into smaller segments and then pop them into the grinder. Three or four blitzes and it is chopped into fine, even pieces, perfect for filling and lighting.
    Not sure if anyone else has the desire to do this, but I have found it perfect for my tastes.
    The Tobacco Club regular order was delivered today and it was very welcome indeed. Please keep up the good work.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Steven, that’s the best use for a spare coffee bean grinder I have heard of so far!

  16. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    Another post simply repeating some past comments on how good the tobaccos are from the Tobacco Club. I smoke them every single day; the regularity of delivery is comforting and reassuring and the cost is a good deal below normal.
    If any customers have not given the Club a go, I’d recommend it. I’m building up a little cellar of tobaccos with these blends. Always good to have something in store for the future.
    Happy smoking all.

  17. avatar Stephen Tisshaw says:

    I’m very pleased my new pipe & the service I have received from E A Carey’s. I would definitely recommend them for their speedy customer service to other pipe users. I have always been interested in pipes & have several that my father & Uncle left me. I will be shopping with Carey’s in the near future.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Thank you so much for you kind feedback Stephen. We look forward to being of service to you again soon.

  18. avatar Eric Pass says:

    Hi is it possible to purchase a stem only for a magic inch pipe ? Thank you Eric

  19. avatar Eric Pass says:

    Carey are in my oppinion a top class tobacconist and thair custom blend private blend is a excelent tobacco cool slow burning nice tasting tobacco .thanks for your great service .I have only been with you for a couple of months but I will be staying with you. Eric Pass