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  1. avatar Robert Hunt-Watts formerly Robert Watts says:

    I used Carey magic inch pipes in a the 1980s before I gave up smoking. At my time of life a full pipe is something to enjoy. I shall buy pipes, tobacco and accessories from Carey….

  2. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    Just a note of thanks to Jenny who promptly replied to my enquiry re expanding my Tobacco Club Order.
    Very much appreciated for the super service.
    As I stated in my email, your tobaccos are daily smokes for me. Very enjoyable and it’s a boon to have them delivered regularly as clockwork. The tobacco cellar is certainly growing!
    To anyone who hasn’t yet considered joining the Club, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.

  3. avatar peter osborne says:

    Received my MacBarens in Australia here in very speedy time and love the quality of service. -Will shop again soon.

  4. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    Thank you for the reply as regards Castle Blend. I appreciate the information provided.
    Thoroughly enjoying a mix of blends that I recently mentioned. In fact the Bruno Special and some Ready Rubbed No. 7 (the latter now discontinued) have been daily smokes for a while now. Most enjoyable.

  5. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    I’ve been thinking about your Castle Blend. It has Latakia and I’m not always a fan of this leaf but I can take it in small doses.
    How strong is the blend with regards to the Latakia content? Squadron Leader suits me fine; are the two similar?

  6. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    I continue to enjoy blends sent me in the Tobacco Club. In particular, the Dark Flake No. 7 and Bruno Special vie for favourite place. However, I still have left a couple of unopened pouches and a jar full of the discontinued Ready Rubbed No. 7. Keeping the pouches for the future, but the jar contents have been well used.
    I’ve also recently made a home brew of the Bruno Special and Highland Fling together with an anonymous brandy-flavoured blend gifted by a fellow pipe smoker. This mix is lovely with its sweet and tangy flavour. It’s jarred and has become an almost daily smoke.
    Goes to show that you can blend the blends and come up with something different.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. avatar Michael says:

    As a new pipe smoker I have been unsure as to which tobacco I would like. This resulted into making my way through the Carey aromatic sampler packs, however i am still undecided. I was wondering if you could recommend a nice sweet aromatic tobacco please?

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Michael – our no. 3006 Boutique Blend Desert Island Mix might be a good option and definitely worth considering.

    • avatar Michael says:

      Thank you, I shall give it a try with my next order.

  8. avatar Norman Haslam says:

    I love pipes..new to them

  9. avatar Karl says:

    I have been smoking a pipe occasionally (am a heavy cigarette smoker) for about 2 years now. I am 46, but most people think I am in my 30s. I would really like to do it full time, but have only smoked pipes in front of my partner who smokes cigarettes after a few drinks. I am a bit worried about people’s reactions though, as I still feel ‘too young’ to go public about it. Has anybody else had the same hesitations, and how did you conquer them?

    • avatar Chris says:

      I want to start but don’t know how to fill a pipe properly.

      Any tips help?

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Chris, we have hints and tips for beginners on the home page of our website (far left of this page).
      This should answer all your questions but if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact me direct: Jenny@eacarey.co.uk

    • avatar Dan Barlow says:

      Hello, Karl. I am 38. I started smoking a pipe at the age of 21. At first I was a bit embarrassed (not so much by being young but more by not wanting to appear a total amateur). When buying my first pipe and tobacco I pretended it was a gift for someone else. I think the French tobacconist had seen it all before, and saw through my naive and pointless deception.

      Also not wanting to admit to being a novice, I did not ask for advice as to which tobacco to try first. I bought something far too strong which completely knocked me out. Fortunately, when back in Britain, I found some milder tobaccos (Holland House was my favourite back then) and discovered pipe smoking to be a pleasure rather than an ordeal.

      I have never been embarrassed to smoke the pipe in public (do so every day when walking the dog). In the small provincial University town in Scotland where I live, I don’t get any strange looks; if I were to walk down the street in a more urban place I might (but who cares?).

      Go public! Smoking a pipe is first and foremost a pleasure, but like so many hobbies it also becomes part of one’s personality. No point hiding away.

    • avatar David says:

      Karl, I would’nt worry what other people think. I have been a pipe smoker since I was 21 and when I first started I heard all the jokes and quips. Here comes Popeye, Sherlock, they soon got used to it. Now all my family and friends would miss seeing me without a pipe. Although I am not allowed to smoke it in their houses, which has never been a problem.

  10. avatar Will says:

    How old were you when you started smoking pipes? :) I started a year ago when I was 17!

  11. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    Thought you might like to know how much your tobacco is enjoyed on my allotment! I go most days and always have at least one pipeful there; your blends faithfully accompany me as I do all the various tasks on site. Great place to smoke and enjoy a few moments of added pleasure.

  12. avatar Julianelongden says:

    Received my first Carey’s magic pipe. What a
    Fantastic experience!!
    It is the meerschaum lined installed pipe.
    I am totally over the moon!
    May I thank you very much for this wonderful innovation. thank you so much.
    A very happy customer.

  13. avatar Andy Nash says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could advise and recommend a nose warmer pipe please many thanks

  14. avatar Ashley Roffe says:

    Do you supply a Black Cavendish which is a traditional British type – sweetened by compressing and steaming, but otherwise unflavoured?

  15. avatar CLIVE PROCTOR says:

    Took my usual, swift delivery service, of a new Corn Cob pipe and Highland Fling Tobacco. A perfect match together.
    If you ever look at Corn Cob pipes, press buy now button………..

  16. avatar Tony Ferris says:

    Just tried my first ‘magic inch’ pipe. The Carey Featherlight Straight Billiard… Loaded with Dunhill standard it provided a very satisfying & cool smoke. I can really tell the difference.

  17. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    My apologies – I realise that I have already sent a similar message a while back and completely forgot about it. Ignore this latest – senior moment, I’m afraid…

  18. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    I have a secondhand Carey bent billiard with weighty rustication on the bowl. The pipe is heavy compared with modern ones and the stem has two side vents instead of the ones on top. It has a silver band, hall marked.
    It looks like it might have been American made, but I have no idea really.
    Are you at all able to help me, and a couple of pipe friends who have pipes with similar side vents, as to the age or place of manufacture? It’s not absolutely essential, but it would be nice to know!
    Many thanks in anticipation.

  19. avatar Scott says:

    Can you tell me if you have ever made a meerschaum magic inch pipe. Reason I ask is because I recently acquired a meerschaum pipe with the magic inch stem, and wondered if this was a hybrid or an original?

  20. avatar Julianelongden says:

    Thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes, Jenny + Ashley Roffe!
    This website is great with all the interesting info.
    Will visit the shop and try some tobacco that I have not had before. Regards Juliane

  21. avatar Juliane Longden says:

    I am a female smoker aged 73 today. My father was an avid pipesmoker for years. Through him I started smoking pipes in my late 20s!
    In my teens I tried cigarette and choked. It put me off!
    Plus my dad didn’t approve of cigarettes saying they were
    Not good.
    Anyway I gave up smoking when my husband had a
    Heart attack in 1998 he smoked at least the 60 a day he’s still alive though.
    I stopped, cos I don’t drive and used bike to get to town and
    Was a bit short of breath.
    Now, I have decided to smoke again for relaxation after all
    I am “this old” and physically very fit.
    I think all this anti-smoking an extreme. Am really heartened to see a comment by a young female smoker on
    Your website.
    It’s great!!

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Happy birthday Juliane!

    • avatar Ashley Roffe says:

      Happy Birthday!

      I used to smoke cigarettes as well as a pipe, but was having problems with coughing and shortness of breath. Many tests by the doctor and nurse showed that my lung capacity and function was still good.
      I gave up the cigarettes and now smoke only pipes. The problems with coughing and shortness of breath have gone.
      The cigarettea were causing the problems; the pipes are fine.
      Enjoy your pipes. My grandfather smoked pipes until he died at 92 years old.

  22. avatar Chris says:

    Is there an chance at all that the Yummy Bitches cigars will be available in the UK?

  23. avatar CLIVE PROCTOR says:

    Your SBA Pipe Tobacco is a truly satisfying smoke, flavor and mixture.
    Have bought 2 more……..

  24. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    A few of my pipe friends have recently had samples from me of the Dark Flake No. 7. It’s been very well received indeed and thumbs up all round from each of them. I made sure to promote your name alongside the samples sent, even sending an old catalogue to each of them. Hopefully there might be some interest shown on your behalf.
    Suffice it to say that the tobacco has proven a great success, with comments such as “superb”, “fantastic” etc. Thought you’d like to know you are appreciated!

  25. avatar CLIVE PROCTOR says:

    New 10 minute full bent billiard and Carey’s SBA Pipe Tobacco, a perfect match.
    Another swift delivery order, great service.

  26. avatar CLIVE PROCTOR says:

    Great service as usual. 4 days from order to delivery. A re-established, infrequent pipe smoker but thought of E A Carey, straight away, from previous times of great service.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Thank you so much Mr Proctor. We hope we can be of service again in the future.
      Kind regards.

  27. avatar Ashley Roffe says:

    I have lived in Eastbourne, East Sussex for two years now. I have seen only one other pipe smoker, and he was not local.
    Am I the only pipe smoker in Eastbourne? Are pipe smokers really so few and far between, or do most only smoke at home?
    I feel like a rarity when I sit on the pier or the promenade enjoying a relaxing smoke.
    I am old enough to remember when there were many pipe smokers to be seen every day on the streets, at work – and in the local!

    • avatar DanB says:

      I agree. I live in St Andrews in Scotland and go for months without seeing another pipe smoker. I do smoke at home, but also when out walking the dog (on one occasion a tourist stopped me and asked if she could take my photograph: ‘you look so British with that pipe!’, she said. I found this rather ironic given that i hardly see another pipe smoker here, yet still a common sight on the continent!). I think it was fond childhood memories of various pipe smokers among various family friends (and even teachers) which led me to buy my first pipe back when I was just 21. Alas, these days I don’t know another single pipe smoker. Now everyone seems to be vaping. Hey ho, each to his own!

  28. avatar Tommy Monaghan says:

    Which Carey pipe tobacco would be most like Condor in terms of body and strength ?

  29. avatar Steve says:

    I brought a wonderful pipe a few years ago from you now and I was just wondering what’s the life span on your pipes?
    Its just that a hole has burnt from the inside of the pipe to the outer making a hole, I have about two to three smokes a day.

  30. avatar Joe says:

    After revisiting SG’s Navy Flake after two years, I have to say it is as tasteless as I remember. I really want to like this flake. The colour of it and the description tells me i’ll like it, but even when dried well I can barely discern flavour. Has anyone tried it here?

  31. avatar peter osborne says:

    Hi Max,

    I believe the “burnt” taste is simply due to either a newish pipe yet to be “broken in” properly – time and smoking it fixes this. Or, as I was 40 years ago when I was a newbie, my tongue felt numb, burnt and swollen for a month or so – then perfect since. Keep persevering as there is not much finer in life than pipe smoking.

  32. avatar Joe says:

    Max- Those tampers are effective at keeping the flame round the centre, resulting in less relights and hopefully a cooler bowl. Packing and lighting tips can be found on youtube, if videos better serve you. I’m twenty-eight, and have been piping for four years about. It is a stressful thing worrying about what people think, in all areas of life, and I’ve found myself doing it less and less, with a bit of practice, as I’ve realised that ninety-nine percent of it is far from worth it.

  33. avatar Joe says:

    Max- I’m not sure about the burnt taste, unless you’re using a torch lighter. I dry my tobacco well so that it’s crispy, but still the charring light is most of the time needed. I also use one of these http://www.smoke-king.co.uk/acatalog/Olive-wood-B—Tamper-by-Gabriele-Dal-Fiume—Grey-5755.html#SID=132

  34. avatar Max says:

    Hi all,
    I’m new to pipe smoking and i’m embarrassed to say that I am struggling with packing the pipe. I have tried various ways but when I draw on the pipe I am getting a ‘burnt’ taste and the pipe is going out frequently to the point where there is a lot of tobacco wasted. As I am newbie any advice would be appreciated. Also people think i’m weird for smoking a pipe at the age of 35 but who cares!

    • avatar Bernard says:

      Hi Max.
      Fill your bowl to the top with loose tobacco.
      With your tamp, gently press down to the halfway mark.
      Fill to brim again.
      Press to the last 1/4 of the bowl.
      Top up with loose tobacco – do NOT tamp.
      Light the top and gently puff a few times.
      Allow to burn out.
      Gently tamp the ashes flat and relight until the glow encompasses the whole top of the bowl.
      Draw gently – it should last 20-30 minutes.

  35. avatar Joe says:

    Jim- I have been smoking a pipe for a couple years. Don’t hesitate to ask anything. If I don’t know, someone will.

  36. avatar Jim says:

    Have just ordered a starter kit. I guess it’s a homage to my my father who I lost in December. He was a pipe smoker and I was always fascinated as a child by this mystical world. Have toyed with trying out pipe smoking for many years and now seems like an appropriate time. Am waiting eagerly for my first pipe. Really like this site and all the information within.
    Many thanks

  37. avatar mick ingham says:

    i have been smoking carey pipes from 1978 when they first came out,better smoke than ordinary pipes, never looked back, started smoking your tobacco about five years ago,good smoke from old english ready rubbed and careys bruno special, never look back again, so keep the supplies and pipes going please thank-you mick

  38. avatar Anthony says:

    I find it very strange that some of your discontinued Private Blends have come back with new names but the same tasting notes except for Spritzer. If you cant sell wild cherry how come you can sell wild red as tasting notes are word for word identical for both ! ?

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Anthony
      The names have changed and not the tobaccos. We are still allowed to sell these tobaccos but we must change the names so no reference is made to characterise smell, taste or flavourings. These tobaccos have not been discontinued in the past and have always been available. Spritzer has been discontinued for some time now and is no longer available.

  39. avatar Ryan B says:

    Just started smoking pipes around the end of last year. Loving it

  40. avatar Steven H says:

    Haven’t posted for a while but still enjoying the blends sent via the Tobacco Club. In fact, some pipe friends have recently been showing interest in them. Good tobaccos, well blended with great taste. I’ve been advertising them as I can! Keep up the good work.

  41. avatar David Pennison says:

    Took delivery of my new magic inch pipe and all the kit today. Just had to try it out. It’s a lovely cool smoke, worth every penny. Soon got the hang of tamping down etc. The only thing I cant work out and its not in the instructions, is how do I replace the flint to the art deco lighter. Other than that it’s perfect. Thanks Carey’s

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Great news David – so pleased you like your pipe Kit. I will send details on how to change the flint in lighter direct to your email.

  42. avatar Joe Leek says:

    The Balkan Special is really something special. It needed a little extra time drying I found, but the stove is there for that this time of year. What a rich, cool, slow-burning smoke. The Dark Flake is over sweet for my taste these days, but I can highly recommend that also; full, satisfying flavour, easy to keep alight, and cool.

    • avatar DanB says:

      I agree. The Balkan Special is one I keep coming back to. As well as buying from Carey (enjoying the fantastic range of tobaccos!) I also try to give some support to a traditional local tobacconist (their shop is almost unchanged in four generations and now swimming against the tide of modernity). Nevertheless, I still keep coming back to Carey, and especially the Balkan Special – one of my firm favourites. Oh, and the Carey Castle Blend is also sumptuous.

  43. avatar Mr D Payne says:

    Thank you for sending my order early I only rang Friday and it came today Tuesday 13th December 2016. Your company is 100% also enjoyed asking how the weather is over there too.

  44. avatar jp FARRANCE says:

    I have been a pipe smoker for nearly 50 years and can:t praise the carey pipes enough .the smoke is long lasting ,cool and extremely satisfying.long may it continue.

  45. avatar George B says:

    Just finished my “carve your own pipe” had it for my 58th Birthday. Took a week and about 12 hours in total. Check out my review.
    One of the best Birthday presents ever!! but very hard work with limited equipment.

  46. avatar Graham Bell says:

    I’ve been on your wonderful Island for a week now and having perfect weather for pipe smoking on the coastpath. Smoking my latest pipe the Aldo Velani “Eximia 2″ with Dark Flake No. 7 a wonderful smoke. I want to thank you for delivering this pipe in 24hrs in time for my holiday. Excellent service as always. Graham Bell

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Graham – great to hear all round! I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed the island and even more pleased it was improved by your Aldo Velani and Dark Flake! Thanks for letting us know.

  47. avatar Trevor Wtight says:

    Has No. 7 Ready Rubbed been permanently taken off the list. It has been easily my a favourite.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Yes unfortunately it has Trevor thanks to changes at our manufacturer, but our Flake version is exactly the same just not machine rubbed and we are getting a lot of feedback from dyed in the wool ready rubbed customers that they actually prefer the Flake. Have you tried it?

    • avatar Trevor Wright says:

      I haven’t tried flake as yet. Needless to say that my next order will be No7 Flake.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      I’m certain you won’t be disappointed, but please make sure to let us know!

    • avatar Trevor Wright says:

      Well … I have worked my way through half a dozen pipes now with the flake. I can’t get the coarseness of flake down to what the machine rubbing does but never the less … the bowl delivers. Slow burn – getting an addition 15 minutes. Once alight it burns fabulously and completely. I mixed one bowl with 25% of your old Virginia – nice. I’ll be reordering for sure. GOOD ONE!

  48. avatar Robin Gay says:

    Is that the John Watson from Imperial Tobacco Ltd?

  49. avatar Joe says:

    I’m looking to get into pipe making. I can see a metal lathe would be very handy. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Sorry Joe – you’re on your own with this one but I’d be interested to know what you find out!

  50. avatar JOHN WATSON says:

    are there any vapers of the Kamry e-pipe out there who find the battery life very short after a charge?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi John – how old is the battery and how much use has it had?

    • avatar JOHN WATSON says:

      thank you Marcus, the e- pipe with new battery purchased 09only a few vapes per day

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi John – if I’m reading that right, purchased in 2009? That being the case, I’m amazed the battery has lasted 7 years! Time for a new one I’d suggest…

    • avatar JOHN WATSON says:

      sorry Marcus, purchase was 9th April 2016

    • avatar Marcus says:

      OK, so when you say the battery life is short, what exactly do you mean please? The trouble may well be that you only use it for a few vapes at a time… my understanding is these batteries are not optimised to retain charge over a period of time like a normal AA battery, but instead to deliver all their power over a short period.