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  1. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    Another post simply repeating some past comments on how good the tobaccos are from the Tobacco Club. I smoke them every single day; the regularity of delivery is comforting and reassuring and the cost is a good deal below normal.
    If any customers have not given the Club a go, I’d recommend it. I’m building up a little cellar of tobaccos with these blends. Always good to have something in store for the future.
    Happy smoking all.

  2. avatar Stephen Tisshaw says:

    I’m very pleased my new pipe & the service I have received from E A Carey’s. I would definitely recommend them for their speedy customer service to other pipe users. I have always been interested in pipes & have several that my father & Uncle left me. I will be shopping with Carey’s in the near future.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Thank you so much for you kind feedback Stephen. We look forward to being of service to you again soon.

  3. avatar Eric Pass says:

    Hi is it possible to purchase a stem only for a magic inch pipe ? Thank you Eric

  4. avatar Eric Pass says:

    Carey are in my oppinion a top class tobacconist and thair custom blend private blend is a excelent tobacco cool slow burning nice tasting tobacco .thanks for your great service .I have only been with you for a couple of months but I will be staying with you. Eric Pass