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  1. avatar Steven says:

    I have shared the following with some fellow pipe smokers but not yet here. I usually rub out flakes as I cannot get on with the fold and stuff method. I prefer quite a fine consistency. For a while now I have been using a spare coffee bean grinder to cut up large, thick flakes into smaller pieces and it works a treat. I tear up each flake into smaller segments and then pop them into the grinder. Three or four blitzes and it is chopped into fine, even pieces, perfect for filling and lighting.
    Not sure if anyone else has the desire to do this, but I have found it perfect for my tastes.
    The Tobacco Club regular order was delivered today and it was very welcome indeed. Please keep up the good work.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Steven, that’s the best use for a spare coffee bean grinder I have heard of so far!

  2. avatar Steven Hersey says:

    Another post simply repeating some past comments on how good the tobaccos are from the Tobacco Club. I smoke them every single day; the regularity of delivery is comforting and reassuring and the cost is a good deal below normal.
    If any customers have not given the Club a go, I’d recommend it. I’m building up a little cellar of tobaccos with these blends. Always good to have something in store for the future.
    Happy smoking all.

  3. avatar Stephen Tisshaw says:

    I’m very pleased my new pipe & the service I have received from E A Carey’s. I would definitely recommend them for their speedy customer service to other pipe users. I have always been interested in pipes & have several that my father & Uncle left me. I will be shopping with Carey’s in the near future.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Thank you so much for you kind feedback Stephen. We look forward to being of service to you again soon.

  4. avatar Eric Pass says:

    Hi is it possible to purchase a stem only for a magic inch pipe ? Thank you Eric

  5. avatar Eric Pass says:

    Carey are in my oppinion a top class tobacconist and thair custom blend private blend is a excelent tobacco cool slow burning nice tasting tobacco .thanks for your great service .I have only been with you for a couple of months but I will be staying with you. Eric Pass