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Hav-a-tampa Jewels

What sweet cigars are available?

A question we are being asked more and more, probably because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find them, is: What sweet flavoured cigars are available? This may be due to…

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The German Brig Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen spends day alongside in Guernsey

This headline caught my attention in yesterday’s copy of the Guernsey Press The German sail training vessel docked in St Peter Port on Wednesday for just one night, so I…

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tob plant tile

Selecting your Tobacco: Musings from a bygone era (pt.2)…

IN THE DAYS when America was merely a group of colonies, and tobacco smoking was still in its infancy, a devotee of the pipe would simply take a tobacco leaf,…

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Roger and Garrick

Intertabak 2011, Dortmund

A COUPLE OF WEEKS ago two of us went over to the Intertabak in Dortmund, Germany to spend a day at the show catching up with some of our suppliers,…

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Bespoke Nording Side

The pipe smoking subtleties of a bygone era…

For some time now I have been musing on the fact that so much of the more subtle aspects of pipe-smoking have been lost, or are certainly well on their…

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E A Carey Catalogue

Summer 2011 catalogue 105 available to view and download here.

Summertime… it’s come around again and arguably this is the catalogue we most enjoy working on, full of the promise of warm days and long, light evenings ahead. So welcome…

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Pipe Smoking Blogs

The subject of ‘blogs’ (short for web logs) and ‘blogging’ (to read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal) is one of particular interest to us here at Carey’s Pipe…

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E A Carey Catalogue

Spring 2011 Cat 104 available to view and download here.

The Spring 2011 Smokeshop Catalogue is here, packed full of your favourite Carey and Guest Brand pipes, Accessories and Tobacco. You can view/download it here.

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Old Free Trial Newspaper Advert

Who remembers these ads?

I thought it might be interesting, following a couple of comments, to dig out one of our old Free 30-day Trial ads which we ran in the national newspapers many…

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IPSD or International Pipe Smoking Day is on Sunday 20th February 2011

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s to share which pipe or tobacco you may be smoking, or just that you are aware of the day!

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