We're excited to announce E.A. Carey's Pipe & Tobacco Shop — returns Summer 2021
Every pipe smoker's local tobacconist
Mon to Fri 9:30am-4:30pm. Order Line

About E.A. Carey

Since 1978, E.A. Carey has been a family run business. Since 2021, we have been under new ownership. Our knowledgeable team will continue to service our customers for years to come. This, and the fact that all our customers receive a FREE copy of our quarterly catalogue giving them the option of buying by post, phone or internet, help set us apart from the competition.

We have excellent and often preferential relationships with the suppliers of all the main pipe smoking brands so are able to source most products with ease, and continue to nurture relationships with UK and overseas boutique pipe makers to ensure we offer the widest range of products possible.

Our tobaccos are simply second to none. Produced to our specific recipes and exacting standards by the world’s leading pipe tobacco company we operate a ‘just in time’ stock policy to ensure that the tobacco spends minimal time in our climate controlled bonded store and when received by our customers is as fresh and vibrant as could possibly be. We are also unique in offering the Carey Tobacco Club, providing regular shipments of the freshest tobacco at discounted prices to ensure our customers never run out of their favourite smoke.

And finally, we believe passionately that pipe smoking is at heart a social activity, and moreover one that is struggling to have a voice in this day and age. To this end we have created a website that accommodates and positively encourages discussion and the sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences relating to the hobby of pipe smoking, in the hope that we can bring together the disparate groups of smokers spread far and wide and enable them to feel part of a wider community at large.

EA Carey

P.s. If you want to know even more, click here for a short film about us made a couple of years ago by The Telegraph Business Club.