About The Salon

The Salon is where we at EA Carey are able to communicate with our customers, and where the EA Carey community as a whole can interact with the wider world of pipe smoking.

Our main tool for this is a Blog which enables us to update customers with the latest goings on in our business, including subjects such as new products, services, special offers and hints and tips. We can also use this space to draw attention to topics of interest from the wider pipe smoking community, for example a video of a pipe being hand crafted by one of our craftsmen, and promote wider discussion on all of the above.

In addition, connections to the broader pipe smoking world are enabled through links to the widely used Facebook and Twitter applications. Through these you are able to take content from the EA Carey site such as reviews, opinions, products, advice and other related articles and share them with the wider world if desired, and equally share content of interest from the wider world with the EA Carey community. It is effectively a place for discussion between people with similar interests – a modern day take on the traditional wander down to the pub for a pint and a chat.

It is not our intention to supercede other discussions or forums taking place elsewhere on the internet, but instead to share in these and contribute accordingly. To facilitate further discussion and invite EA Carey customers to contribute who may not currently have a voice. The ability to share and partake in discussions of interest with like minded folk from potentially all corners of the planet is without doubt an exciting prospect, but please consider the impact of any content you may wish to share and refrain from doing so if there is a risk of offence.

For those not comfortable using these new methods of communication we have provided some guidance to help you gain maximum benefit and enjoyment. (link to help articles)

This is your space, so please enjoy!

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