Careys new Autumn/Winter Catalogue OUT NOW

Welcome to our Autumn/Winter catalogue 138 Edition – our last one for 2019. We hope you will enjoy browsing through the 44 pages packed with everything you could need to enhance your enjoyment of pipe smoking.

We have two new ranges of Magic Inch pipes in this edition, the ‘Corteccia’ as shown on the front over and the ‘Imperia’. Full details of both these ranges can be found on page. In total, we are bringing you twenty different ranges of Carey Magic Inch pipes on pages 4-13 along with several Carey 9mm ranges on pages 14-16.

Pages 17-22 are dedicated to our tobacco selections. Please note we have more choice on our website so don’t forget to have a look at what else we have to offer. If you don’t have access to the website, please contact Jenny on 0330 900 7473 for more information.

Our Guest Brand pipes on pages 23-35 come from various well known pipe makers such as Vauen, Peterson, Falcon, Rattray’s, Barling, Savinelli, Chacom, Aldo Velani, Aldo Morelli and Ser Jacopo to name but a few! If you’re looking for that something a little bit special for yourself or as a gift, head over to pages 34-35 to our Special Pipes and Limited Edition models.

With accessories from pipe lighters to pipe tools and everything in-between on pages 36-39 we have everything you could possible need. Our popular small giftware section is on page 40 and our premium cigar selection which is always appreciated at this time of year makes an appearance on page 41. More cigars and smokeless tobaccos such as snuff and chewing tobacco can be found on pages 42/43 with more brands available on our website.

So, I think that just leaves me to tell you about our Christmas opening hours…

We will be closed on 25th/26th December and 1st January 2020. At other times between 23rd December and 3rd January 2020 we will be operating at reduced capacity and therefore telephone and email availability will be reduced. Please ensure orders required for Christmas delivery should be placed before 1pm Tuesday 17th December.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers, for your continued support throughout 2019 and we look forward to meeting your pipe smoking needs in 2020.

On that note, may we wish you a very happy festive season.

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2 Responses to Careys new Autumn/Winter Catalogue OUT NOW

  1. avatar John Service says:

    I have just learnt about yourselves from a fellow pipe smoker I met in a pub. He tells me you have an alternative to Goldblock which I currently smoke which he prefers to it. Many thanks


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