careys summmer edition 137 catalogue

Dear Customer

As we say a farewell to spring and look forward to welcoming warmer and longer days, we have pleasure in bringing you our latest catalogue, our summer 137th edition.
Several new items make an appearance this time around. We bring you the new Charatan range of tobaccos on page 17. These tobaccos have been specifically blended to be as close as possible to the now discontinued Dunhill range of tobaccos. More information can be found on our website at We also have our very own competitively priced ‘Private Blend Tobaccos’ offering great value on pages 14/15. If purchased as a member of the Tobacco Club you get even betters savings plus a discount on other products purchased from the catalogue and online. For more information see page 13 or tick the Tobacco Club box on the order form.
We have several new pipe ranges – Savinelli’ s ‘Oceana’ and ‘Ghibli’ on page 20 which are sure to be popular with their coloured mouthpieces. On page 21 we have the wonderful ‘Wood’ pipes from Vauen displaying craftsmanship of the highest quality. Special ‘Pipes of the Year’ from Mastro Geppetto and Ser Jacopo feature on page 25 – superb pipes to be enjoyed and treasured for years to come. We have various new accessories too on pages 26-29 including tobacco pouches, tobacco jars and lighters.
We have 18 Carey ‘Magic inch’ and ‘9mm’ ranges along with many pipes from several top pipe makers such as Dr. Plumb, Peterson, Big Ben, Rattray’s and Falcon to name but a few. And last but certainly not least we have our cigars and smokeless tobaccos on pages 30/31. All in all a one stop shop for your pipe smoking enjoyment.

We hope you will enjoy looking through our latest offerings and if we can be of any help at any time don’t be afraid to ask by calling 0330 900 7473 or via email: We’re always eager to help where we can.
So that just leaves me to wish you a wonderful summer and happy puffing!

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