Careys spring edition 136 catalogue

Welcome to our latest catalogue, our spring 136th edition – 32 pages of quality products for your pleasure which we hope you will enjoy browsing through.
We’ve highlighted our new Valpiana range on the front cover which incorporates our Magic Inch Filter System. Finished in a deeply polished green this really is a lovely range of pipes.

The first half of our catalogue showcases some of our Magic Inch and 9mm pipe ranges – 18 in total with some on special offer and with more available on our website @ From pages 13-17 we have tobaccos from various makers such as Dunhill, Peterson, Rattray’s, Erinmore, Holger Danske and Samuel Gawith. Although Dunhill have now ceased production of their tobaccos we had managed to purchase extra stocks so a limited quantity of some blends are shown on page 17 but once these are gone they will no longer be available. Carey’s Private Blend tobaccos via the Tobacco Club is the best way to receive fresh tobacco at your chosen frequency and they are great value too, plus you receive other benefits as a Member – see page 13 for details.
We have introduced some new Guest Brand pipe ranges this time around too. On page 20 we have the superb Mastro de Paja from Vauen and it’s great to see the Savinelli Roma Lucite make a welcome return on page 21. Rattray’s ‘The Flounder’ pipes are unusual in their shape and are for the experienced pipe smoker, so if you fancy something a little different head to page 23.
With accessories, lighters and cigars on pages 26-31 you should find everything you need in this edition. However, we are often asked if items in previous catalogues are still available and quite simply the answer is ‘yes’ most of the time so don’t be afraid to ask by calling 0330 900 7473 or via email: We’re always eager to help where we can.
So that just leaves me to wish you a pleasant spring and happy puffing!

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  1. avatar Pedro Lopez Oviedo says:

    Esta muy bien el catalogo y tiene muchas buenas opciones de compra.

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