Autumn 134th Edition Catalogue

We are delighted to bring you our third catalogue of 2018 – edition 134.
You may have noticed it has arrived a little earlier than usual due to our offices closing for a summer break (details at bottom of page).
This will give you time to contact us with any orders before we leave on 17th August.

As more and more tobacconists leave the High Street and supermarkets decrease their choice of tobaccos, we can fill this void with our top quality tobaccos along with pipes and accessories and everything the pipe smoker needs. Exclusive to EA Carey, our Private Blend tobaccos on pages 4&5 offer excellent value and always supplied in optimum condition along with our speciality Boutique Blends on page 6. You really won’t find better quality and priced tobaccos elsewhere in the market place. Plus you also have the opportunity to save even more on tobaccos and sundries by joining our Tobacco Club – details on page 3.

This catalogue brings you ten different choices of our very own ‘Magic Inch’ pipe ranges and several 9mm ranges from pages 9-16. Our guest brands from pages 17-25 includes famous names such as Chacom, Vauen, Falcon, Savinelli, John Brumfit, Barling, Peterson, Dr. Plumb, GBD and Sasieni.
With all the accessories you could want from pipe stands, lighters, tobacco pouches, filters and a great choice of cigars from pages 26-31, we believe we have everything covered but if there is something in particular you would like or a special bespoke piece you would like made, we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Please call Jenny on 0330 900 7473 who will be happy to help.

Holiday closure times:
Our office will be closed for an annual holiday from noon Friday 17th August and re-opening at 9am Tuesday 4th September. Orders placed on the website and Tobacco Club orders will be despatched as usual during this time but orders cannot be taken over the telephone during this period. Any changes to Tobacco Club orders will need to be communicated to us before 16th August. Orders received in the post after 17th August will be actioned on our return.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our latest catalogue and we look forward to providing you with quality items in your next order.

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