New addition to Auenland ‘The Shire’ range of pipes from VAUEN

Vauen have produced a range of top quality Shire pipes following the success of their Lord of the Rings range a few years ago. Although these pipes are not called The Hobbit, they have been meticulously designed to reflect the pipes smoked by the characters, such as Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf, in the famous J R R Tolkien story about hobbits, wizards, rings, dragons, dwarves, elves and magic both good and bad. The Shire is translated as Auenland in German, thus the Germanic name, along with the pipe names: Friddo, Gilg, Hugg, Eron, Clodo, Doran, Balbor & Siman which are also Medieval Germanic. They will be a very popular range in years to come. Presented with a felt bag and designer box.

Image: SIMAN pipe available in both a smooth and sandblast finish. The latest addition to this wonderful range of 9mm filter pipes.

Verpackung-auenland-balbor_in box
Image: BALBOR pipe in presentation box.

All pipes in the Auenland ‘The Shire’ range are available in a smooth and sandblast finish.
Further models available in ‘The Shire’ range on our website along with special pipe stand.

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  1. avatar ian martin says:

    once again 1st class service my tobacco selection is excellent fresh and very pleasant aroma and taste simply the best all round WELL DONE CAREYS.

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