Carey ‘Magic Inch’ Pipes

For those of you who have yet to dabble in the world of Carey Magic Inch pipes, maybe this customer can persuade you to give one a go!

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Take a look at your new E A Carey pipe.
With its shiny bowl and nylon mouthpiece with 6 vents it looks like a serious smoking tool – but also stylish!
Fill your pipe carefully with choice tobacco and light up.
Wow! Smooth, flavoursome smoke, cool and clean.
No clogging or wetting like other pipes!
Just pure, metered smoke. Sheer bliss!

Thank you E A Carey
Mr JH, April 2018

You can find more information on our Magic inch pipes on our website here or contact direct for more information.

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2 Responses to Carey ‘Magic Inch’ Pipes

  1. avatar Frits van Antwerpen says:

    Is there another way of ordering your products
    I cannot pay by Internet……..

    Kind regards
    Frits van Antwerpen

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