Winter 131st Edition Catalogue


Welcome to our 2017 Christmas catalogue – and what a bumper edition we have for you this time.

We have again been very busy this year but more so than usual due to changes brought about by new

tobacco legislation which has meant changes to tobacco packaging, tobacco names and in some cases even

the packed tobacco sizes. The transition has been relatively smooth and we hope you didn’t notice too much


Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect in this edition…

We have included many of our own brand Carey pipes both Magic Inch and 9mm filtered – twelve pages

showcasing 22 ranges in total. Our tobacco selections are varied with blends from Dunhill, Peterson,

Samuel Gawith and Holger Danske to name just a few and of course our very own Private and Boutique

Blend tobaccos on pages 4-7.

Pages 22 through to 33 are crammed with guest brand pipes including Vauen, Falcon, Savinelli, Big Ben,

Aldo Morelli, Barling, Aldo Velani and more. We have also sourced several new additions which make their

debut in this catalogue.

We have added to our giftware range on pages 38 & 39 which has always proved to be very popular and

ideal for last minute stocking fillers. Or how about a fine cigar on page 40 for an after dinner treat? With

all the accessories you could need on pages 34-37 we hope to have something to suit everyone.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy looking through this catalogue and we look forward to receiving your

order by phone, post or via our website. If you don’t have access to the internet and can’t see what you are

looking for, please contact us on 0330 900 7473 and we can tell you if we have it in stock or if not, if we

can obtain it for you.

And finally a reminder that we will be open throughout the Christmas period but operating at a reduced

capacity on some days and therefore telephone and email availability will be reduced. Please ensure that all

orders required for Christmas delivery are placed before 1pm Monday 18th December.

There will be two changes to the Tobacco Club schedule: orders due to be despatched on Monday 25th

December will be sent on Wednesday 27th December and orders due to be despatched on Monday 1st

January 2018 will be despatched on Wednesday 3rd January. Please be aware that due to public holidays,

deliveries may take a little longer than usual.

May we wish you a very happy festive season!





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6 Responses to Winter 131st Edition Catalogue

  1. avatar Norman Haslam says:

    hi do you do replacement stems for the Carey’s?.. picked one up today as an estate pipe..thanks..Norman

  2. avatar ian martin says:

    what an experience smoking my Careys pipe and tobacco its so calming and satisfying what a pleasure I look forward in the future dealing with Careys and there 1st class service

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hello Ian, we’re delighted to hear you are enjoying your Carey Pipe and tobacco. Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. avatar Paul Brohee says:

    Hello. Great site. Started using your company almost 20yrs ago, through mail order. Only now re-discovering it online. Very excited! Quick request: would prefer to browse your Catalogue offline; could you possibly make it in a downloadable .pdf form? Best wishes for Xmas.

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