Summer 129th Edition Catalogue

Welcome to our second catalogue of 2017 – our summer 129th edition packed with top quality
products for your enjoyment.
The first few pages are dedicated to pipe tobaccos and information on our increasingly popular
Tobacco Club. You may notice some more changes have been made to some tobaccos as explained
in our previous catalogue: -
The EU’s ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ legislation requires us to make changes to names of several
tobaccos as ‘characterising taste, smell or flavourings’ within the name will no longer be permitted
and therefore you will see changes to some tobacco names being introduced over time. We have
changed four of our Private Blend Tobacco names recently such as our No.2029 ‘Peach Brandy’
which we will now abbreviate to No.2029 ‘PB’. Please be assured that the tobaccos themselves
have not changed in any way and we can guarantee you will still be receiving the same excellent
quality tobaccos that you have come to expect from us and which we have been supplying for over
35 years. Our guest brand tobaccos have also had some name changes and several are now packed
in 40gm pouches but this will be clearly stated alongside the product description.

For this edition we have again sourced some stunning new ranges from famous pipe makers such
as the Savinelli Alligator on page 21, Aldo Velani Olivo from Italy on page 18 and from one of
our most popular pipe makers, the Peterson Dublin range on page 19. These sit alongside other
top makers such as Vauen, Dr. Plumb, Comoy’s, GBD and Falcon to name a few. With a further
‘13’ ranges of our own Carey Magic Inch and 9mm Filter pipes we think we have most pockets
and tastes catered for. If you require a bespoke piece or can’t find what you are looking for, please
contact Jenny on 0330 900 7473 who will be happy to discuss your requirements. And don’t
forget we have all the accessories you require on pages 26-29 and a good selection of cigars – some
returning after a brief hiatus such as the Hav-a-Tampa and Backwood ranges which have been
sorely missed by our customers.
This just leaves me to wish you a wonderful summer and let’s hope we get some hot and sunny
weather and we can enjoy some al-fresco pipe smoking!

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  1. avatar JIM Hicks says:

    I’m interested in your pipes and tobacco

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