A family tradition

We received a lovely message from one of our regular customers:-

Thought you may like to know that pipe smoking can run in families!
I have smoked a pipe for over 60 years and follow on from my grandfather and uncles. The three of them pictured here all lived well into old age ~ Grandpa (centre) found great pleasure and comfort from his pipe in his final days before expiring at the age of 93.
He particularly enjoyed ‘Afrikander Mixture’ and ‘St Julien Empire Blend.’ Neither is now available but he would no doubt have found something liked from your own excellent selection.

Fields together - Copy

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One Response to A family tradition

  1. avatar mick ingham says:

    i did’nt realise that it was 40 years ago that you started up, it was 40 years ago i started with carey pipes, i saw an advert on the back of a daily express that said try a carey pipe for 30 days if not happy smash it up and send it back, well i tried it for a week took a while after second week got used to it, i set off smoking condor then on to mick maquaid ( if that’s how you spell it ) but they gave over making that so i tried your types got used to careys bruno special and dark flake no7 mixed , then also get old english ready rubbed and st bruno mixed and alternate between smoking them and find they are both good smokes, but i find the careys bruno special and old english tend to be a bit dry when mixing could you let me know why other than that keep up the good work i’ll carry on smoking a carey pipe and baccy yours mick ingham

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