Carey’s Winter Catalogue 127th Edition

Dear Customer

 Welcome to our winter 2016 catalogue which we hope you will enjoy browsing through.

We have once again produced a bumper 44 page edition in order to showcase as many items as possible.  Here’s a summary of what you can expect to find within its pages.

 The first half of the catalogue has been dedicated to a vast range of tobaccos and Carey’s own pipes, both Magic Inch and 9mm filtered – 22 different ranges in total to be precise.  We have also included new guest brand tobaccos so we now offer 30 different blends along with 18 Carey tobaccos so you will be spoilt for choice.  We can’t however fit everything that is available in our catalogue so head to our website at for even more choice.

 The second half of our catalogue is dedicated to guest brand pipes and accessories from top quality makers such  as Vauen, Savinelli, Barling, Comoy’s, and Big Ben to name but a few. On pages 30 &31 we have a double page spread of special pipes from top makers featuring Limited Editions and more unusual shapes and styles. 

All the accessories you will ever need can be found on pages 34-38 and once again our electronicproducts and e-liquids make an appearance on page 39.

Because it is Christmas we have again included giftware items on page 38 for that last minute stocking filler or perhaps a gift to yourself.  And last but not least, cigars, snuff & chewing tobacco can be found in the back pages of the catalogue. 

 I sincerely hope you will enjoy browsing through our catalogue and we look forward to receiving your order by phone, post or via our website.  If you don’t have access to the internet and can’t see what you are looking for, please contact us on 0330 900 7473 and we can tell you if we have it in stock or if not, if we can obtain it for you.

 And finally, a brief reminder that we’ll be open for business throughout the Christmas period but will be operating with reduced capacity on some days.  Please ensure that all orders required for Christmas delivery are placed before 1pm Friday 16th December.

There will be two changes to our Tobacco Club schedule: orders due to be despatched on Monday 26th December will be sent on Wednesday 28th December and orders due to be despatched on Monday 2nd January will be sent on Tuesday 3rd January. Please be aware that due to public holiday’s delivery may take longer than normal.

 So without further ado, may we wish you a very happy festive season





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