What’s Carey’s closest blend to…?

Carey’s Private Blend pipe tobacco is high quality made in Denmark alongside some of the most famous household names past and present. Customers continually ask us what is closest to their favourite blend, and so we have produced the flyer below to make it simpler to find your favourite pipe tobacco from our wide selection.
Obviously nothing is better than trying them for yourself, so we suggest our sampler packs which cover a 5g sample of each of our pipe tobacco blends, just enough for a bowl or two before you commit to a full 50g pouch.
Check the list below and see whether our blends are close to some of your favourites, and then try some out for yourself:

Comparing TobaccosInfographic

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4 Responses to What’s Carey’s closest blend to…?

  1. avatar WILLIAM ANDERSON says:

    I used to smoke War Horse Bar but when I could not get it I changed to Condor Long Cut. I have tried others but find them too mild. Have you any tobacco that comes close.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi William, our closest blend to Condor is our Cavendish Mixture, Item code: 2002. Definitely worth a try!

  2. avatar R. Howard says:

    I smoke condor, normally, but I would like to try a sample of your T2002 please

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hello Mr Howard. Please order via our website or you can call me direct on 0330 900 7473. Many thanks

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