What sweet cigars are available?

A question we are being asked more and more, probably because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find them, is: What sweet flavoured cigars are available? This may be due to the fact that pipe smokers more used to aromatic blends of pipe tobacco prefer a sweeter, moister smoke, and most cigars don’t offer that directly, it’s a different experience.
E A Carey has put together a broad cigar selection for our customers, from machine made cigarillos to more famous hand-made Cuban brands of Cigars, but if you would like to try a sweeter cigar, which are more palatable for pipe smokers used to aromatic blends, then check out some of these:
Backwoods which are roughly rolled but moist and sweet, very popular flavoured cigars, but no filter tip.
Candlelight Senoritas, available in 3 flavours until recently, again sweet tobacco, foil wrapped to prevent drying out, but no filter.
And Hav-a-tampa sweet flavoured, the birchwood tip acts as a filter, but larger than the Café Crème.

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