A Sad Farewell To Some Old Friends. But Fear Not…

Those of you receiving our quarterly catalogue will know by now the sad news that the EU has been meddling once again, and like with all these things there is always collateral damage!

Carey's Pipe Tobacco

What am I talking about..?  Pipe tobacco of course, and specifically Carey’s Pipe Tobacco.

EU Directive

The latest EU Directive has required the removal of a number of ingredients found in tobaccos, some of which are also present in pipe tobaccos.  Specifically they are some of the flavouring agents as these are deemed to attract 14 year olds to smoke a pipe (sorry, couldn’t resist an element of sarcasm there!).  Seriously though, the necessity to remove some of these ingredients has led our main manufacturer to restructure it’s entire production process, remove old machines, buy new machines, etc, etc as they will be phasing out a number of their own well known brands.  And with this restructure came the sad and, frankly, frustrating news that a number of our tobacco blends would no longer be sustainable.  However, fear not as we ‘went into bat’ in a big way and have managed to conclude our negotiations with the removal of only four of our 16 Private Blends.  Solace indeed, but obviously not for those who smoke one or more of those four… The tobacco blends in question are Black Aromatic (2006), Spritzer (2031), Ready Rubbed No7 (2024) and Broad Cut English Mixture (2026).

child smoking pipe

An all too common site on streets around Britain and Europe…

Luckily we have some direct replacement tobaccos… Dark Flake No7 (2023) is identical to it’s ready rubbed equivalent (2024) simply without the final rubbing process (that was one of the machines to be discarded in our supplier’s shake up); to replace 2006 we have Soft Black Aromatic (2009), a more highly rated aromatic that is equally fruity but with more vanilla and maple tones; 2026 is most similar to 2025 Old Belt Virginia Blend although there are obvious differences between these two; and Spritzer (2031) can be replaced by Highland Fling (2034) which contains the same tobaccos in slightly different ratios but retains the wines/spirits top notes.

So it’s not all doom and gloom, and in fact we have already had some feedback from customers who are mentioning this is the kick up the proverbial for them to try something new that they’ve been considering for some time!  A sad farewell indeed, but maybe it’s time to welcome in something new…

Happy Puffing!

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8 Responses to A Sad Farewell To Some Old Friends. But Fear Not…

  1. avatar Robert curno says:

    First Balkan sobranie gone .now condor .what next been smoking these for sixty two years sad.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Robert, don’t despair – a direct alternative to Condor is our Cavendish Mixture Item no. 2002 and we have our very own Balkan Sobranie replica – Balkan Special, item no 2032. Definitely worth giving them a go if you haven’t done so already.

  2. avatar Steve grover says:

    Hi read the article sad day’s for all who enjoy the pipe. I love the picture you found he looks a stern little fellow. Keep up the good work I enjoy my orders every time. Steve

  3. avatar Steven H says:

    Received my Tobacco Club order yesterday and the accompanying note confirming your article. Rather sad at the Ready Rubbed No. 7 being discontinued. I understand that legislation has to be applied, so am not annoyed, just disappointed. Have to be philosophical here…I’ll enjoy the Dark Flake No. 7 as a replacement.
    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to inform us.

  4. avatar Michael Butler says:

    Hello Marcus,

    Having just received the TPD letter with my latest tobacco order, announcing that 2 of my blends will be discontinued, I was going to ask why specifically: Spritzer & Broad Cut English Mixture but you have answered my question without the need to ask it. It is ingredients. What is the child-attracting ingredient(s) in those? Vanilla? Licorice? Cola?

    By the way, not only is it a pleasure to extract pistachios from interfering bureacrats, it is also essential for the survival of humanity as we know it. It wouldn’t be so bad if they served some useful purpose but we that study these things, continually fail to identify it.

    Mke Butler

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Mike – thanks for your good humour in this matter. I needn’t harp on about our frustration as I’m certain our customers feel it keenly too, but let’s just say it’s been a struggle resolving the issues at hand, and perhaps even more of a struggle understanding the issues in the first place. It is not always the ingredients either, more the knock on effect. For example our blender had to discontinue some other brands due to ingredients, and our blends used the same machine as those brands. But now they’ve discontinued theirs, they’ve decided to get rid of the machine and with it the ability to make our blends. Grrrr!

  5. avatar George says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for the update and a sad day indeed. As I look back, I was enjoying all those blends on a regular order almost thirty years ago. Along with several Carey pipes, they were jolly good friends and served me well, the pipes are still going strong today. Whoever thinks up these damn directives must want for something better to do, it’s bloody potty!.
    Still, onward and upwards as they say and maybe we can look forward to some new blends to discover. Maybe something that the children don’t like very much, I wouldn’t want to find my young grandson hiding in the shed with my best Brier and a pouch of Carey’s tobacco, he mustn’t copy me!. Thank you once again and best wishes, George.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your thoughts George. We like to think (have to think!) that out of difficulty comes opportunity, so once the dust has settled from these latest upheavals we’ll be speaking to our suppliers about new blends. Until then, enjoy!

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