Beginner’s Guide to Vaping – Definitive Guide To Using Your E-pipe

With new technology comes new challenges and the e-pipe (or vaping pipe, or vape pipe), despite actually being a reasonably simple piece of kit, seems to throw up more than it’s fair share of challenges to beginners in the world of electronic smoking devices.  A lot of this is down to confidence – in the product and the whole idea of vaping – so when a pipe smoker of 30 years finds a conundrum with one of their briar pipes (maybe a pipe cleaner won’t fit through the mouthpiece or there is a blockage at the base of the bowl) they will tend to persevere and work the issue out.  They have enough confidence in the product to know that something isn’t right and they can fix it.  But with vaping and e-pipes in particular, we’ve noticed that as soon as a potential problem rears its head then the e-pipe goes back in the box with a tag marked ‘faulty’ (and then more often than not, comes back to us!).

The main issues tend to be with batteries not charging (these aren’t the same as your standard AA battery – if you run them all the way down the likelihood is they won’t charge properly again as there’s a safety mechanism that kicks in and effectively shuts the battery down), and e-liquid making it’s way out of the pipe (almost always a function of putting the liquid in the wrong part of the e-pipe in the first place).  This is at best unpleasant, and at worst quite dangerous, so well worth avoiding!

But they’re common mistakes, not helped by the universally awful instructions that come with many of these products.  In fact, one of our customers once took it upon themselves to rewrite the Kamry K1000 e-pipe instructions in a humorous dig at what he described as the Chinglish they were written in (read it here).  So to help you avoid these fairly standard but basic pitfalls here is a 7 minute long video that should help you on your way to e-pipe mastery!

Definitive Guide to E-pipe Mastery – Click here

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