Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Spring 2016 Catalogue 124

Welcome to the latest Edition of my Catalogue, packed with all your favourite Carey and Guest Brand Pipes, Accessories and Tobaccos including some newcomers – the Aldo Velani Soave now available in mid-brown (p17), the Chacom Carat (p19), and an innovative smokeless product called Nicoccino (p30/31). We have also found a limited stock of Meerschaum pipes – two new ones and two that we have offered before, on page 18. Once they’re gone that’s it so be quick!

If you would prefer to receive a paper copy by post please let us know here.

As some of you may know from the activity on our Website, Facebook page and Twitter we have once again been invited to support the efforts of one of our customers, Mark Langridge, and his colleagues, Mark Wood and Paul Vicary, who will soon be attempting to trek from Russia to the North Pole without a re-supply. The specialist British three-man team will attempt a 60 day crossing from the Arctic Cape, across the Arctic Ocean to the Geographic North Pole. Due to the profound effects of climate change, this high-profile expedition to cross one of the most unforgiving areas of the planet is likely to be one of the last of its kind. For more on this and to support their journey, see our website.
Now on a more serious note, a word about Tobacco… changes are afoot I’m afraid. The new EU Directive will have an impact on our range, resulting in the following Carey Private Blends being discontinued – 2006 Black Aromatic, 2024 Ready Rubbed No. 7, 2026 Broad Cut English Mixture, and 2031 Spritzer. These will run out soon so stock up now, meanwhile we will offer the next best choice for those with regular orders, but feel free to contact us to make any changes you like.
With the inevitable increase in Tobacco Duty to be announced before the next Catalogue there’s no time like the present to join our Tobacco Club – why not ask for an Invitation pack, or tick the box on your order form at the back of this catalogue. There’s more info about the benefits it brings, including a FREE pouch, on page 3. Despite all these distractions we are still concentrating on doing what we do best – making quality pipes and tobacco and providing a customer service experience to match – I hope you all agree.

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10 Responses to Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Spring 2016 Catalogue 124

  1. avatar George says:

    Hi Garrick,
    Thank you for your recommendation of the Old belt Virginia, it is in my regular order at this time and a fine blend it is. I may double up on it when the time comes but meantime, I hope that I can enjoy the last of the stock of Broad cut.
    Just a further thought, will there be two or three new replacement blends added to the club tobacco’s, that would be great. Thank you once again and all the very best, George.

    • avatar Garrick says:

      At the moment we are looking at 1 new blend, but our supplier is trying to come up with other new and exciting ideas for us to try. Meanwhile there are the boutique blends we offer as well as some guest brands, some of which can be added to tobacco club orders, just ask and we’ll let you know.
      All the best, Garrick

  2. avatar George says:

    Hi Garrick,
    Thank you so much for your kind reply and I can well understand you being as frustrated as we are at these damn directives. My blend that is to meet it’s demise is Broad cut English mixture, a lovely blend that I am fond of. I have smoked all the blends in the tobacco club since first being a customer in 1979-80. Your friendly service is superb and I would welcome any ideas for a substitute. Thank you once again and my very best wishes, George.

    • avatar Garrick says:

      We suggest the Old Belt Virginia as a substitute for the Broad Cut English which will be discontinued later this year, but if you prefer to try something else just let us know. We currently have about 30 weeks stock of Broad Cut English, so there’s time to try out a few other blends in the meantime, and any feedback you can give would be helpful.

  3. avatar Matthew Hewitt says:

    Bloody typical. Being new to pipe smoking and having sampled a variety of tobaccos of late, the No.7 was one I particularly liked and had earmarked as becoming a regular. Will the flake variety be affected also?

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Hi Matthew, don’t worry the No.7 Flake will still be available. Unfortunately, following the changes in ingredients allowed our supplier has decided to limit production processes too and ready rubbing is a process they have decided to let go. However their comment is that our customers should benefit from a more consistent taste and overall fresher product by using the Flake version, which is exactly the same tobacco (less one process). I hope you find it so, please do let us know.
      I am glad you enjoy it, No.7 is our best seller by far.

    • avatar Matthew Hewitt says:

      Thanks for your reply, Garrick. I have tried the flake version (excellent it was too). A mixture of laziness and inexperience is no doubt why I lent toward the ready-rubbed. I’ve no excuse now!

      Keep up the good work; a bowl of the No7 on the bench in my local Church yard during lunch-break has very quickly become one of the highlights of my day.

      Kind regards,


    • avatar Garrick says:

      Thanks again for your comments Matthew, I hope you get on OK with the flake version in future. All the best.

  4. avatar George says:

    Such a shame that these lovely blends are no longer to be available. What is it about them that puts them under the axe?. One of them are in my regular order too and I shall miss it. We seem to be forever up to our necks in EU ”Directives”. I wish they would leave us in peace and keep their hands off our tobacco. Maybe the sooner we are out the better!.

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Hi George, believe me we are as frustrated as you and have done all we can to ensure as many blends are still available as possible. Certain ingredients which are added to tobacco as part of the flavouring and aroma process have been banned as they are deemed to attract people to smoke. That’s the main reason for the changes.
      Which of your blends is affected and I’ll tell you what we can substitute with if you like?

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