Reborn Pipes: Carey Magic Inch Freehand Briar

We were recently contacted by Steve Laug at Reborn Pipes who had just completed a refurbishment of a Carey Freehand, and was interested to know a little more about its provenance.

Unfortunately we were unable to help on that score as it appears this is a pipe created by our Carey USA cousins, but the article makes for a fascinating read anyway!  Enjoy…

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4 Responses to Reborn Pipes: Carey Magic Inch Freehand Briar

  1. avatar Steve Laug says:

    I just finished restoring another Carey Magic Inch. I think that this one is an English Made but not sure. Perhaps you can help me with that one. Date of making etc. Thank you. Here is the link to the blog

  2. avatar dave farmer says:

    could you advise please the costs of the magic inch pipes I can not seem to find on your pages
    kind regards

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Hi Dave
      Please go to the Tobacconist section in the menu above, or click here, to view all our Magic Inch pipes.
      Thanks for your message and if you need further assistance do let me know.

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