North Pole Expedition

Hopefully many of you will remember a customer of ours, Mark Langridge, who has completed 2 expeditions in Antarctica over the last 7 years, ably assisted by his trusty Carey Sheer Genius and favourite Carey Blends.

Mark first got in touch back in 2008 in advance of his solo attempt at the South Pole, asking if we could help raise sponsorship and if we could offer up some tobacco, being an existing Carey customer, to help him on his way.  We were delighted to help out, and so began a long relationship.

Antarctica 08 197

When Mark embarked on another expedition with two colleagues during the 2011/2012 season, to commemorate Scott’s doomed voyage, we were again delighted to help out on the supplies front, this time including a small banner which was photographed at the pole. Now I’m sure there can’t be many small, family run businesses that can boast their products have been to the South Pole, much less tobacconists!

Antarctic team small

And so to this, Mark’s latest expedition.  This time it’s the North Pole calling and what is regarded in many circles as a much harder voyage, thanks in no small part to Polar Bears and the effects of global climate change.  Many said a similar trip in 2014 may well have been the last time a human could travel to the Pole on skis, but Mark hopes that’s not the case!

Once again we’ll be providing the morale booster for the trip – plentiful supplies of Carey’s Private Blend Tobaccos – due to start 20th February, and we’ll keep you posted throughout.  In the meantime however you can read more about the expedition here …

Happy Puffing!



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7 Responses to North Pole Expedition

  1. avatar Beeswax says:

    Have a safe time chaps and does tobacco freeze up there?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      That’s a good question and I’ll ask Mark. I expect that if the tobacco too high moisture content then it could, but the fact that the moisture is mostly oils then with it’s lower freezing point possibly not. Plus I fully expect the precious nature of the tobacco means it will be kept close to the body at all times, and therefore not exposed to the freezing temperatures!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Steve – I’ve had a reply about tobacco freezing and Mark confirmed it doesn’t freeze, even when left on the pulk at -20 or -30 degrees! I couldn’t vouch for other, inferior brands of tobaccos of course…!

  2. avatar George says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for your kind reply and I dare say the only time they have to light up is after dinner in the tent in the evening. Still a nice little treat to enjoy whilst sitting around the stove having a chat. Thank you for the info about the Carey blends and I hope to hear further on their progress when the time comes. Thank you again and very best wishes, George.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Yes George, that’s exactly it… a wee bowlful at the end of the day is the carrot that gets them through the grueling slog! Pity the one team member that doesn’t smoke though! I plan to update the blog and social media as the expedition progresses so you’ll be able to keep track on their progress…

  3. avatar George says:

    Thank you for an interesting article and jolly good luck to Mark on his next expedition. It must be a great comfort to have plenty of Carey blends to hand on such a trip. Would I be too bold if I asked what are their favorite blends in the Carey range. Thank you and again good luck, George.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi George – thanks for your comment. They are very much Aromatic smokers, so Wild Cherry, Black Aromatic and Soft Aromatic is the order for this expedition. The other point of note is that they have to be incredibly careful with weight, being an unsupported trek, so for the time they are away the amounts are tiny!

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