Sunshine, Cigars, Cocktails & Nibbles on the Ziggurat Terrace!


Crossing fingers definitely works!

With 1st October seemingly the only date we could bring all the elements together this was the day we’d placed all of our faith in… and it came good for us.  The inaugural Cigars & Cocktails Event was a go!


So, late on a crystal clear autumn afternoon a small number of dedicated cigar fans met at the wonderful new Hotel Ziggurat.  Standing on the upper terrace of the hotel the views over the old part of St Peter Port Town and across Havelet Bay to the islands of Herm and Sark beyond were stunning.  With a small selection of cigars in hand it was time to face ‘The Dictator’, our specially commissioned tobacco infused cocktail care of James Le Gallez from Aperitif.  With a cunning mix of top quality central american rum, peach liqueur, cherry bitters and the all important ‘secret ingredient’ tobacco syrup this was the perfect drink for any of the three cigars supplied, blending smokey flavours with a pleasant sweetness and a healthy kick of alcohol.  So the next decision was which cigar to pair with it…?  The entry price included three of our more popular, easily accessible cigars in a leather cigar case – the mild Don Tomas Clasico Tubed, a classic Cuban Romeo y Julieta No.2 Tubed, and a sizable Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Robusto.  Each of these cigars has it’s own personality but we wanted to ensure that none would overpower the drinks on offer, but were robust enough to challenge ‘The Dictator’ in particular for space on our guests’ palates, and each did so admirably.


Soon there were content faces everywhere – after all what could be better than a sunny Thursday afternoon standing on a sparkling terrace with good company, fantastic views, a drink and cigar in hand?!

And then came the food… “just a few nibbles” Paul the Hotel Manager had said, but we were presented with some fantastic fare that was tasty enough to not be overpowered by the tobacco and alcohol being consumed.  First up, vegetable pastry rolls shaped like mini cigars – a nice touch from the chef – followed by crusty bread with mini steak fillets, topped with Stilton cheese, and then mini lamb burgers.  Delicious!


At just before 7pm we held a prize draw with one happy guest walking away with a Zippo Butane Cigar Lighter, and then it was simply a case of finishing our cigars and, for a number of guests, heading inside to the hotel bar for another drink before disappearing into the night…

Thanks to all those who came along, and of course to the Hotel Ziggurat and Aperitif.  We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to more events in future.

Happy Puffing!

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