An Evening of Finery: Cigars, Cocktails & Company

We’ve been thinking about doing it for some time now but it’s always been relegated to the back burner.  You know that feeling..?

But at last we’ve decided to stage a cigar soiree, bringing together three local businesses to showcase what a little bit of imagination and in the other two cases at least, talent, can create.  Nothing flash, nothing contrived… just a simple event bringing like minded people together on our small rock in the Channel!

We’ve selected three cigars to suit a specified budget, but also that demonstrate you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience premium cigars and learn a little bit about the variety that’s available even at the lower end of the price spectrum.  So we’ve chosen a Don Tomas Clasico Corona – still the biggest surprise of my cigar sampling career for it’s mellow nature and great taste, a Drew Estate Liga Privada T52, and a Romeo Y Julieta No.2.  A little slice of Honduras, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Paired with these we’ve asked James from Aperitif to create a tobacco based cocktail exclusively for the occasion.  The recipe is secret, but a key ingredient is a tobacco syrup created from our very own Rum Flake pipe tobacco to give it a smooth and smokey edge. We’ve christened it ‘The Dictator’ – no one does them quite as well as Central America.

And lastly, we’ve located the event at the newest hotel on Guernsey, Hotel Ziggurat.  This Moroccan riad style townhouse hotel has a great terrace overlooking Town and the harbour area, perfect for a spot of shisha tasting of cigar sampling!

The only thing we can’t arrange is the weather.  October is without doubt a risky month to lay on an outdoor event, but we hope it’s a case of fortune favours the brave…

See you there!

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