Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Autumn 2015 Catalogue 122

Dear Customer – welcome to our latest catalogue, the Autumn Edition.  I hope this finds you happy and healthy!

Below you’ll find our latest catalogue ready for you to download, peruse here online, or print out if you prefer. If you’ve bought from us in the past you will receive your very own copy in the post automatically in the next few days, but if not then by all means get in touch and we will gladly send you a free copy in the post, to you or your friends.

We produce these catalogues every three months, and each time I come to write this introduction I’m amazed by how much water has passed under the bridge since the previous edition.  We’ve had an election, a summer full of sport, festivals and country shows, a heat wave, mid summer gales, and of course holidays.  It’s a busy old time, Summer…

But what have we brought to the party?  You’ll be pleased to know the answer is ‘quite a lot’!  We are delighted to finally be able to showcase our latest Magic Inch ranges including the Pisa on the front cover and also the Treviso further into the catalogue.  Nothing in this business happens quickly, and these new ranges have certainly been a labour of love but we’re confident you’ll love them.  Made with only the finest quality Mediterranean briar – in itself something of a rarity these days – they are both stylish and of a quality certain to impress.  We’ve loaded this catalogue with many of our other Magic Inch and Carey 9mm ranges as we firmly believe that our mix of classic designs, high quality and customer focused pricing leads the way in a sometimes congested market.

There are a few new appearances within the Guest Brands too, from our first clay pipe to a couple of stunning ranges from Aldo Velani and also a reappearance of the beautiful Miele from Savinelli.  Add BBB, GBD and Mastro Geppeto to the mix and there really is a huge range on offer.  And don’t forget, this is just scratching the surface of what we have available online…

And finally, we’re delighted that old and new customers alike are continuing to switch on to the advantages of our famous Tobacco Club.  There’s no hard sell – it’s a simple case of pairing discounted prices with superb quality and plenty of choice, and then adding a few extras like product discounts, access to free p&p and free gifts.  And let’s not forget the fact that there’s no commitment so if it doesn’t suit, you can cancel at any time.  If you’re not yet a Member why not get in touch to find out more.

Happy Puffing!

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