Want to smoke a pipe but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips…

Sometimes, as experienced pipe smokers, we tend to forget how utterly daunting it can be for the novice – like trying to enter a mysterious clique speaking a different language and conforming to arcane rules and regulations.  The old days of passing pipe smoking stories, knowledge and skills from one generation to the next have gone for good – imagine now the reaction if you proudly announced in the pub or at a family gathering that your 15 year old grandson is now the proud owner of a pipe and tobacco, all thanks to you…

So here’s what can best be described as a ‘ramble’ really, conversationally covering some of the decisions a newbie might be faced with.  And as I say in the video, there is really only 1 rule (or make that 2 these days)… if you’re enjoying it (and not offending anyone else) you’re doing it right!  Enjoy, and Happy Puffing.

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