Pipes by Henryk Worobiec

In his own words…

“The firm was established by my father, Paweł, in 1954, and I have been continuing this family tradition on my own since 1979.

So far I have been awarded:

1985 – Commendation at the 5th All-Poland Exhibition of Artistic Handicraft in Kielce,
1986 & 1987 – Commendation at the All-Poland Exhibition of Artistic Handicraft in Cracow,.
1989 – Acknowledgement by the President of the Polish Federation of Pipe-Smokers’ Clubs “for introduction new designs of pipes, for outstanding involvement in developing pipe-smoking culture in Poland and for the high standard of artistic handicraft”,
1995 – Entry in “The Golden Book of Polish Handicraft Firms”,
1995 – Award for “Pipe-smokers’ absolute hit of 1995″ received during the 2nd All-Poland Championship in Slow Pipe-smoking in Wroclaw,
1996 – “The 1996 Calumet’s Pipe of the Year”,
2000 – Number one in “The Golden List of Polish Pipe-Manufacturers of Calumet 2000″

The pipes are made of top quality bruyere, and the production process is mostly based on handiwork. The models range from standard shapes to specially designed forms made on request, from elegant classical lines to idiosyncratic curves. We lay special emphasis on the perfect quality of manufacture, the simplicity and elegance of design and the proper style of packaging. It has been our ambition to follow the changing fashions and, by being able to respond to pipe-smokers’ tastes, to create appropriate offers for connoisseur pipe lovers.”

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