Trusted Shops support Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop

To see our latest Customer Ratings click here or, if you’d like to know more about just what this collaboration means for you and us, please read on…

What is “Trusted Shops”?

In a nutshell, “Trusted Shops is the European Trustmark for online shops with money-back guarantee for consumers. Trusted Shops offers a comprehensive service to raise online trust and safety for the benefit of both online merchants and online buyers.”

Today more than 20,000 online sellers throughout Europe are using Trusted Shops to collect, show and manage genuine feedback from their customers.  A large community of online buyers has already contributed over 6 million reviews.

Trusted Shops recognised that consumers are increasingly influenced by online customer service reviews when making a buying decision. However, many review systems aren’t doing a good job as feedback can be easily faked. Consumers deserve reviews they can trust to make a better purchase decision.

As a result they decided to build something more genuine. Every review is linked to an actual purchase order, ensuring that our reviews are only from our (genuine) customers. What’s more, Trusted Shops has made it easy for those same customers, or potential customers, to consider our ratings and thereby shop with real confidence.

Add to this the Buyer Guarantee that we are currently implementing and the in depth Product Reviews we feature on the website, and we believe we really are providing the right environment for customers to make their buying choices.  We hope you agree!

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