BBC Kent Meets The Pipe Club Of London

Some of our regular customers may be aware that we have recently been awarded the privilege of becoming Honorary Members of the esteemed Pipe Club of London.  We’ve contributed a few bits and bobs to the Journal in the past and will hopefully continue to do so in the future, and maybe a little online.  And it was whilst visiting the website that I noticed this little gem.  Only 11 or so minutes but well worth a listen as James Ashmore does a wonderful job of injecting some humour and a little mischief into procedings, whilst all the time blowing the trumpet for pipe smokers everywhere!  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to BBC Kent Meets The Pipe Club Of London

  1. avatar Manuel Pintado says:

    Very Good Articles. Been worthwhile reading

  2. avatar Steven H says:

    A good listen. I enjoyed the banter and bits of information and advice thrown in. I also noted and was pleased with the interviewer’s non-judgmental attitude over smoking. Who knows if this helped someone consider the pipe for the first time? The folk who have pipes in their office but don’t smoke them was slightly strange, and I would have wished for other pipe smokers’ views as well. Thanks for the entertaining entry.

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