Loose Leaf Tobacco Vaporizer 2.0

As many of you will already know we have been scouring the market for the best electronic smoking products for some time now.  We don’t see these products as a replacement for pipe smoking, but rather as a way for pipe smokers to enjoy their passion at times and in places where society deems normal smoking to be unacceptable.

As a quick web search demonstrates there are countless products out there that claim to fit the bill, and we have tried to be as selective as possible whilst at the same time providing genuine choice for our customers. From electronic pipes designed to look like pipes, to electronic pipes designed to look very different from pipes, to vaporizers large and small, and any number of e-liquid flavours.

But the ‘Holy Grail’ for us, as a specialist pipe and tobacco manufacturer and retailer, has to be an electronic product that allows pipe smokers to enjoy their usual tobacco blends in their normal loose leaf state – a simple and temporary replacement for their briars or meerschaums for those times when smoking would be deemed antisocial.  These are known as loose leaf vaporizers, but all too often the ones on the market are designed with a different kind of smokeable leaf in mind, often referred to as ‘herbs’.

We’ve been working with a company which is also trying to achieve this Holy Grail, and we think their latest effort is just about there. Their first loose leaf tobacco vaporizer followed the pattern of many others in that its capacity was too small for genuine tobacco smokers, but they were on the right track with an oven system that uses ceramic induction heating rather than a direct heat source such as a coil.  This ensures that the tobacco is evenly heated and prevents hot spots and in some cases actual combustion suffered by the other systems available.  We urged them to produce this vaporizer in a larger format and before long they did just that (I’m sure it wasn’t only us that managed to convince them!), with a large capacity heating chamber.  We then ensured that anyone who bought the original received this upgraded chamber and thought that would be it for the time being.  But we have to be honest… a long thin tube is not what everyone wants to be seen puffing on, and the user experience is good, but not great.


Enter the C-Vapor, Weecke’s latest offering and the one we think has really addressed some of the remaining issues.  Perhaps if it was presented in a briar casing it would be improved (we’re working on that!), but for the time being we’re impressed.  Let’s look at it’s good points:

  • it’s small (smaller than a pack of 20 cigarettes) and lightweight, yet still has the capacity twice that of its nearest competitor (in our opinion)
  • the best way to visualise its capacity is to think of a standard cigarette with the filter removed – this could be inserted into the oven chamber whole, probably about the equivalent of a short smoke pipe capacity (remember that pipe tobacco burns more slowly than cigarette tobacco)
  • the fact that the chamber heats rather than burns the tobacco means there is a longer smoke for the same amount of leaf and the taste is mellow, but full of flavour
  • full functionality – the unit allows for 3 different temperature settings to suit your smoking style and tobacco blend
  • simple to use – one button and a clever display screen showing temperature and battery charge level
  • easy to clean – comes with a ‘tamper’ and bristle brush plus opens at both ends; just puff, remove the mouthpiece and plug, and push the dessicated tobacco straight out

And the best bit – it’s the least expensive unit of this kind that we sell!  Click here to find out more.

The future is here… Happy Puffing!

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4 Responses to Loose Leaf Tobacco Vaporizer 2.0

  1. avatar Jim T says:

    If you were so impressed why are you not offering this device for sale?

    Curious, as this seams like a less harmful option if it worked.


    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Jim – we do offer it for sale! You can find it in the Electronic Smoking section of the website. I have emailed you the link directly.

  2. avatar chris syder says:

    Am interested in electronic pipes. Please forward information and prices. Thank you

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