Bikes, and Pipes!

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is something I’ve intended to do each year it’s been staged, and each year I manage to miss it.  I even made it to London this year (but without the motorbike which is quite an integral part!), and still missed it!  Next year maybe, next year…

I love old motorbikes, and of course pipes.  So what I loved about this year was the number of pipes in evidence at this great motorcycling event, now held simultaneously in 58 countries and already having raised nearly £1m for prostate cancer charities.  In previous years there have been pipes on show, but always I got the feeling they were more a prop than a passion.  But this year… well, watch the video and judge for yourself.

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2 Responses to Bikes, and Pipes!

  1. avatar Dean Raymond says:

    Nothing like a relaxing pipe after a ride out on my Triumph Bonneville. It’s winter here in Portland, Maine in the US, but I am warmed by thoughts of spring. Good stuff!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      That’s great to hear Dean, and just as good to hear you’re a Bonneville rider. I’m a Thruxton owner. If you’ve got a shot of you, pipe and bike email it over to me and I’ll pop it on our FB page. Maybe start a theme! Thanks for getting in touch…

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