Carey’s Pipe and Tobacco Shop Autumn 2014 Catalogue, no. 118

Hopefully wherever you are in the UK or beyond you have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the same wonderful summer that has blessed us here in Guernsey this year.  I often think that one of the disadvantages of being in the catalogue business is that as they take so long to put together one is always thinking a long way in advance.  And so it is, with that in mind, that we bring you the latest Carey Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue, our (say it quietly!) Autumn Edition 118.

This is the third edition with the new layout featuring  tobaccos first, then Carey pipes, then guest brand pipes and lastly but by no means least, fine quality cigars and smokeless tobaccos.  Once again however we have made a few changes that we’re sure you’ll approve of… This edition features five pages dedicated to your favourite tobaccos, with the addition of a page dedicated to the guest brand blends that are usually only sold through our website.  With names like Holger Danske, Borkum Riff and Dunhill the quality is assured.

Our pipes section features 12 pages of Carey pipes – your guarantee of quality and value – starting with the limited edition meerschaums on the front page and including further price reductions to ensure your ££s stretch further!  Six pages of guest brand pipes cover the full spectrum of prices, styles and materials, from chunky, unfiltered, unbranded Somali meerschaum to 9mm Peterson Sherlock Holmes briars, via budget Corn Cobs.  Four pages of lighters and accessories are always seeing subtle changes, be it a new pouch here or a cigar cutter there, and this edition also feature our very popular ‘Pipe Smoker’s Apron’, perfect for preparing a BBQ or Sunday roast and featuring our witty “I have a pipe…” slogan.  And finally, two pages dedicated to the finest cigars and smokeless tobaccos, with updates including Cohibas and Montecristos normally only featuring on our website.

So, once again, we sincerely hope that you like what you see within these 32 pages and find everything you need to continue to enjoy a pipe smoking 2014!  Happy puffing…

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  1. avatar Frits van Antwerpen says:

    Can I order this pipe 259 now ?

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