Black Coral Meerschaum – Cat 118 Cover Star!

Time for a short video…

It’s quite unusual to see ‘short smoke’ meerschaums and even more unusual to see them in a Black Coral finish, so we thought we’d produce 2 variants on the theme to keep our meerschaum fans happy!  And then we decided to feature them on the front page of Catalogue 118… the result?  As of today we are sold out of the 259 but we do have a couple of the 258s available for discerning meerschaum smokers out there…

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7 Responses to Black Coral Meerschaum – Cat 118 Cover Star!

  1. avatar Marcus says:

    Hi Frits – I will contact you by email as I think our wires may be getting crossed!

  2. avatar Frits van Antwerpen says:

    Is this pipe available now ?? Please send me one if this is the case…..

  3. avatar Frits van Antwerpen says:

    Thank You for Your answer to my question. But I wonder, why You are still offering this pipe ?!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Frits. If a pipe goes out of stock then it is no longer available on the website as in this case, therefore it isn’t being offered any longer. Regarding the catalogue however – that is in circulation and there is nothing we can subsequently do if a pipe featured in it goes out of stock. However, the amount of interest in the pipe that we have been unable to fulfill means that we will certainly be featuring Black Coral Meerschaum in our next Catalogue due out in November. Hopefully you will like one and be able to purchase at that point. Thanks for your interest.

  4. avatar Frits van Antwerpen says:

    I tried to buy the “Black coral Meerschaum” -Cat 118 Coverstar. Can You help me please…….

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Sorry Frits, we’ve already sold out of these! Limited editions like this do tend to go quickly, however we have numerous other meerschaums that you may wish to view…

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