Kamry E-pipe Instructions ‘Translated’…


We recently had a very amusing email from a customer who’d bought a Kamry K1000 from us, applauding the product but bemoaning the ‘Chinglish’ instructions that accompanied the pipe.

Very kindly he decided to ‘translate’ those instructions to demonstrate what they could/should describe. Although intended as something of a joke, we couldn’t help but publish them with a wry grin as they may, in all seriousness, be useful!

reading instructions

Here is the relevant extract from his missive:

“Chinglish – You would think that after all these years of manufacturing products for the English speaking world, the Chinese would make more of an effort to produce understandable instructions… they clearly don’t consider it necessary to pay someone who speaks English a few quid to correct theirs. I am going to offer this to them, courtesy of E.A. Carey (if you like), for nothing. Here we go.

Original – 1. Unscrew the top cap of the atomizer and then fill e-liquid into the atomizer.

Re-written – 1. Unscrew the removable cap of the atomizer and then squeeze the desired amount of liquid, from it’s container, into  the atomizer. The removable cap is the one at the end of the atomiser into which the mouthpiece is pushed. To remove the cap, first pull out the mouthpiece and then unscrew the cap by turning anti-clockwise. It might be screwed on tightly so some force might be required. If more convenient, the atomiser can be removed completely from the bowl, by holding the bowl and turning the atomiser anti-clockwise.

Original – 2. The battery body is in the condition of working when you are getting it. Pay attention that the positive pole should be upwards and the negative pole should be adown when putting the battery into the battery body. Locking the switch tightly in the clockwise direction after installing the battery correctly. K1000 will be on working after being lightly pressed the top of the switch; and it will be off working when loosen the switch.

Re-written – 2. Batteries are charged before being dispatched so there should be no need to charge before first use although doing so will cause no damage. When charging, insert the battery into the charger ensuring the positive ‘+’ and negative ‘-‘ poles of the battery match the diagram on the charger, then insert the charger into the mains power source. Insert the charged battery into the pipe bowl by first unscrewing the metal top, by holding the bowl and turning the top’s edge-ring anti-clockwise. Ensure the battery is the correct way up which is positive ‘+’ at the top of the bowl and negative ‘-‘ at the bottom. Replace the  top by holding the bowl, pushing down on the top’s edge-ring  and rotating it clockwise, when the screw threads of top and bowl are in contact. Make sure it is screwed on as far as it will go. To obtain vapour, press down the switch on the top and suck through the mouthpiece. Release the top switch to deactivate the atomiser. For best results, ensure the top is screwed on as tightly as you can, though not so tight that you cannot unscrew it again. When pressing the atomiser activation switch, be gentle although firm enough to activate the atomiser.

Original – 3. Don’t press the switch for a long time in case of battery burnt from overheating when using k1000.

Re-written – 3. Release the atomiser activation switch as soon as enough vapour has been inhaled. Holding it down for long periods can cause overheating and damage the battery and atomiser. When more vapour is required press again and release.

Kamry might have to use a slightly larger piece of paper on which to print the instructions but I am sure it will pay off.”


Mike, we salute you!

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43 Responses to Kamry E-pipe Instructions ‘Translated’…

  1. avatar Mrs Suzanne Jarvis says:

    Can you email instructions for the Westminster please? Red light flashing and not working – could it simply be the new batteries that came with it don’t have sufficient charge for more than a day?
    Many thanks

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Suzanne – batteries will need re-charging frequently and is dependant on how often the pipe is smoked.

  2. avatar dale says:

    hi, how do you clean the pipe? ive tried a few times but all i can ever taste is a mixture of the previous flavours

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Dale. I’d suggest the best way to remove any lingering flavours would be to change the cotton of the wick, or the entire coil structure as this is what absorbs the liquid. Any time you use a new liquid there will still be remnants of the previous flavour within the cotton.
      We sell replacement cotton here but unfortunately we don’t stock entire coils.
      Here’s a quick Youtube video I found that may help… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUgodsRUdy0

  3. avatar scott says:

    hi I recently got in a kamry k1000, The question I have is I not getting very much flavor out of it, I use the same fluid in my eleaf and the flavor is great. What can I do to rectify the situation, I would like to use the pipe

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Scott – I think the most likely explanation is simply that the two products are different (power, resistance, etc) and therefore you are seeing that performance difference in the way you are experiencing your vape. It is similar with pipes – often tobacco will taste completely different in different pipes. To be honest those Eleaf products are very highly rated. So my suggestion would simply be to look for a different flavour that brings the best out of the Kamry…

  4. avatar Paul Dunham says:

    PLEASE, can SOMEONE help.I am the very frustrated and disappointed owner of 2 Kamry K1000 EPIPES That I cannot currently use. Apparently this is due to the SAFETY CHIP (Disc that sits under battery )..I cannot source one anywhere! ?

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Hi, Who told you about the Safety Chip? I have not heard about that before.
      We don’t stock spares for these either, all I can suggest is to return it to the supplier and ask if they can sort it out or sell you a replacement unit. The K1000 tend to last about 1 year if you are lucky, but it depends on use and some have broken down sooner than that. If anyone else can help then by all means post a reply here and we’ll approve it.

  5. avatar Mike Butler says:


    I’ve just seen my instructions translation, made public, for the very first time. It’s a bit ‘wordy’ isn’t it? Since translating the Chinglish in my first few days of e-pipe usage, I have learned (learnt) much and could now write a complete Haynes type of maintenance and repair manual, which would include changing the heating coil, obtaining and fitting new O rings to stop leaks and rewiring the bowl. Not only did the little soldered nipple thing drop off but the spring ‘unsprung’ when I had a short circuit and the spring and circuitry melted. With some careful application of a soldering iron, a bit of spare wire, a few tools such as pliers and a 4 lb lump hammer, an unsprung spring re-springer (I stretched it) and some carefully selected expletives, I eventually put Humpty Dumpty back together again and he came back to life and still lives. I expect I could keep it down to around 15000 words. Interested?


    • avatar Marcus says:

      Haha that’s brilliant Mike! Sounds like you’ve had quite an adventure. I think 15000 words might be pushing it (although it would probably do our Google rankings no harm at all!) but if there’s a shortened version you’d care to share I’m sure someone would find it useful. The only issue it may throw up however is we do on occasion receive e-products back that have clearly been ‘modified’ making it very hard to tell what the original issue is!

  6. avatar Mike says:

    Please send instruction kamry epipe 1000

  7. avatar lLarry Porter says:

    Hello when my Dad passed away he left me the Carey pipe which he so loved. He always smoked Captain Black and to this day so do I wherever I can find it. It seems you are not allowed to smoke anywhere these days, but I love my Carey pipe and a glass of wine. I wish I could get some more magic inches. If you have not had a Carey you have not had a pipe. When I die I hope to pass it to my grandson. Thank-you Carey.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for letting us know Larry and hopefully you won’t be having to pass it on any time soon!

  8. avatar ron owen says:

    Please would you send instructions how to us the kamry k1000 vapour pipe as the instructions with the pipe do not make sense

  9. avatar Latimore says:

    Okay, the driptip stem in mine popped out. How do secure it back to the atomizer?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi. Its simply a case of pushing it back in to the top of the atomizer and making sure that the seal is good.

    • avatar latimore says:

      I must have dodgy seals. slides out too easily. falls out in transit. juice leaks everywhere. Best fix?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      OK this isn’t something I’ve heard happening before with K1000. Have you made sure that the connector part of the mouthpiece still has the two black o rings as it sounds like they may have come off? If they have come off then you will need to try and source a couple from a model shop or DIY shop.

  10. avatar rusty says:

    Please can someone email an instruction manual for my Kamry epipe K1000

  11. avatar Brian says:

    i have a question abut this z1000 pipe. myn came with a green disk that can go on the top of the battery before top of the bowl. i put this in at 1st thinking it was needed. it seems to make it in always on. seeing as my pipe works as a push button with out it. my pipe came with little to no instructions. really only 3 sentences. i would post a pic of what green disk I am talking abut but i don’t see in upload. just wandering if i am right that it is something you put in for a always on.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Brian – can I ask whether you purchased from us, as from the sound of it you didn’t and if that’s the case it’s very hard for me to comment on what you’ve been sent. Ours are K1000, not Z1000 as you’ve mentioned. Also I’ve never heard of the green disc, and to be honest I’d be a little cautious about putting it ‘always on’ as I’m not sure the batteries are designed for that kind of usage. Again, I’m operating blind here so sorry I can’t be of more help.

    • avatar Ossan Sasha says:

      I purchased mine in Japan and received the same piece. The sheer metal side goes onto the spring and the side with the nipple contact and resistor go to the negative terminal of the battery. The piece is magnetic, so attaching to the battery first is ideal. It isn’t necessary, but it does help prevent rattling of the battery.

    • avatar Rob says:

      The green disk is the kamry k1000 safety chip for protection against short circuit and overheating of the device

  12. avatar Julie southcott says:

    how long will battery last when charged

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Julie – the battery life all depends on how often and how long you puff for. Probably about 300 puffs. Hope that helps…

  13. avatar Pete Keeffe says:

    I’ve been a Carey customer for years and in the tobacco club but have stopped smoking since I began vaping.
    Glad to see Carey’s beginning ro do vaping juices.
    I started on Kamry 1000 epipes and bought three but after four months regular use only one pipe still works.
    The spring that the battery sits on which is located at bottom of the bowl gets flattened with use and eventually the pipe shorts out.
    You can’t pull the spring back up either.
    Once that spring is flat, the pipe dies.
    I’ve switched to using the iStick.
    Very reliable and the battery life is amazing.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your comments Peter, and interesting feedback regarding the Kamry. We’ve been selling them for a while but it sounds like you’ve been a little unlucky as on the whole the ones we’ve sold have lasted well. We are actually working on our own e-pipe project to try and rid us of these quality issues that do occasionally arise. As for e-liquids we now sell a wide range and will be offering a regular club soon, as per the Tobacco Club. If you’d like to be the inaugural member it can easily be arranged! And in addition to all this we’ve also just received large stocks of vaping hardware which we are excited about. More of that in the near future… Many thanks, and happy vaping!

  14. avatar kristina henry says:

    I work for a tobacco shop and recently our store received the kamry epipe k1000…a customer wanted to see how it worked but it won’t come on..do you have to have the liquid in it before it comes on?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Kristina – I don’t want to be pedantic but it depends what you mean by it being ‘on’. Clearly without liquid you won’t be able to vape so in this sense yes you do have to fill it first. The mechanism won’t produce vapour if there’s nothing to vaporize. Also make sure you are pressing down on the activation button… But as long as the battery’s charged and installed correctly then it is technically ‘on’ I suppose.

  15. avatar Garth says:

    I had trouble unscrewing and replacing battery cap but solved this by carrying around a small lump of blue-tak or similar. Works a treat.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Good thinking Garth!

    • avatar Kev Mercer says:

      Thank you so much for this tip – I tried everything I could think of to unscrew the top and was nearly at the point of throwing it away : the blu-tack did it in a few seconds !!

  16. avatar stephen askham says:

    The instructions explain how to charge the battery up but don’t explain how to get the battery in the pipe.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      No problem Stephen – it’s nice and easy. Simply swivel the top portion of the bowl (the silver part with logo) and it rotates and undoes like a large screw. Pop the battery in and then do up. That should do you…

  17. avatar Jackie says:

    Hi, recently bought one for the father in law who is having trouble understanding our simple English instructions let alone chinglish ones!! Could I also please have an emailed copy to leave next to his pipe!! Thanks

  18. avatar John says:

    Hi mike very amusing, but also for me educational.
    I had a problem with the mouthpiece being the wrong way up when all tightened up , I had no idea that you could pull out the mouthpieces and turn it to the desired angle many thanks John from Leicester

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Like everything new John they take a bit of getting used to, but I’m pleased it’s coming together for you now!

  19. avatar Phil Law says:

    Sirs, Please can someone email an instruction manual for my Kamry epipe K1000.
    Thank you

    Phil Law

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