Pipe Dimensions Close Up

Anyone buying a pipe online or via mail order catalogue knows the problem… what is the actual size of the pipe in question?!  And why don’t they (us) make it easier to tell?!

Well you’d be surprised how difficult it is – we use references such as pipe stands most of the time, but unless every single pipe is photographed at the same time there will always be a degree of variance in how the photographer sets up the shots, despite everyone’s best intentions.  We’ve also toyed with the idea of using a hand model to actually show the pipe in the hand.  But what does the average hand look like, and what if that person isn’t available each time?

So we settled on good, old fashioned, hard to get wrong dimensions.  But what seemed obvious to us surrounded by pipes all day long, every day, was catching some customers out.  So imagine a customer’s surprise when they receive a pipe they believe can hold 40g of tobacco, only to fine that it holds a standard amount, but weighs 40g…

So, after much consideration the latest catalogue now has a guide to exactly what the dimensions next to each pipe actually mean.  We should have done it a long time ago, but having done it at last I’m posting it here on the website too so that we can finally say ‘no stone has been unturned’ on this matter!

To see the catalogue page in question please click below…

EA Carey catalogue 117-WEB p7

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