New & Improved Tobacco Club Is Here!


The Tobacco Club has been at the very core of what we do here at EA Carey (Europe) for more than 30 years.  During this time it has stayed essentially the same – providing our loyal customers with the best quality tobacco at the best possible prices, whilst incorporating a degree of flexibility other tobacconists would simply balk at.

For the most part these kinds of Clubs require the customer to fit in around the requirements of the retailer, the most common scenario being that for a regular fee the retailer will provide the customer with products of the retailer’s choice as opposed to the customer’s.  Seems a little strange to us…

So that has never been our way.  Our Club is quite simple – you tell us what tobacco you would like and how often, and we say ‘thanks for your loyalty’ by providing those tobaccos at a discounted rate.  Over the years we have constantly added more benefits to the mix to make it even more worthwhile being a Member.  And now, we’ve just made it better still!

You can read all about the Tobacco Club in detail either in your latest Catalogue or here. But in a nutshell these are the new, exclusive Member Benefits we’ve added to the ever increasing list:

  • FREE standard p&p on all additional website and catalogue orders of a value greater than £100
  • Once a confirmed Member, the ability to add additional products to your regular shipment such as pipe cleaners, filters and certain other tobacco products, thereby saving you postage and ensuring you never run out of anything you need to enjoy your pipe smoking
  • An increased choice of tobaccos (16 and counting), with our latest Boutique Tobacco, Carey’s Castle Blend, now available within the Club at discounted rates

And if you’d like to be reminded why our Carey tobaccos more than stack up against other, more expensive branded tobaccos, then why not read this?

So there it is, the new and improved Tobacco Club.  We hope you approve of the changes… eac signature



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3 Responses to New & Improved Tobacco Club Is Here!

  1. avatar Graham Bell says:

    Joining the tobacco club was one of my best decisions. The service is amazing and with these added benefits provides an incredibly good deal. As for the tobaccos, well all I can say is that as a pipe smoker for over 30 years I can honestly say these are the best I have ever smoked. Thank you all at Careys.

  2. avatar Gerald Friisby says:

    I was in this club for many years and found it totally brilliant and can recommend it wholeheartedly. The only reason I came out of it was that I now spend 6+ months of the year in Spain

  3. avatar john shone says:

    Did not think you could improve on excellence ,I was wrong. Well done to Carey’s and your fantastic customer service.

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