Carey’s Pipe and Tobacco Shop Summer 2014 Catalogue, no. 117

As the days merge gloriously from Spring into Summer, our favourite time for al fresco pipe smoking, we are proud to present our latest Catalogue for your enjoyment.

As I hope you’ve come to expect, there’s been no let up in implementing the improvements we outlined in the last edition.  Our updated catalogue layout was a resounding success judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, and we make further improvements this time with the addition of a concise summary of our pipe dimensions method on Page 7.  It was perhaps no surprise that our ‘across the board’ price review was also welcomed by one and all, bucking the trend of our competitors and ensuring we stay true to our core strength of value for money.  And with 3 additional ranges having their prices slashed in this edition and still more to come later in the year there will be no let up in our pursuit of the best value for our customers.

We are delighted to introduce more new ranges this time around – no easy feat with the small number of high volume, quality pipe makers still remaining – two sporting the Magic Inch System and two Guest Brands.  We are also pleased to welcome back a perennial favourite, the Dr Plumb Dinky, after several years’ absence…

And last but not least I hope on the subject of new products, we have sourced new Accessories and clearly marked them for your attention.

But for many of you we’ve kept the best until last… the launch of our latest iteration of the Tobacco Club.  We’ve listened to Member feedback and we’re sure you’ll be delighted at the changes.  For a full description please cast your eyes over Page 6 but in brief, Members will now be able to choose from 16 different Carey Private Blends spanning the full breadth of tobacco tastes and styles with the inclusion of a pouched Castle Blend (No.2042), the ability to add other products such as filters to their regular tobacco shipments, and free p&p on additional purchases, on top of all the original benefits that were already in place in this Exclusive Club!

And with that I bid you happy puffing…

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2 Responses to Carey’s Pipe and Tobacco Shop Summer 2014 Catalogue, no. 117

  1. avatar Paudzi Yahaya says:

    How to buy No. 34. Milano Full bent Rusticated briar

    Thank you

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Paudzi – easiest method is to simply use our website but you can always call if you’d prefer.

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