Vaporizing – Is this the Future?!

pipe smoke billowing

One of the joys of pipe smoking is a fresh bowl in full flow, with smoke billowing and the mouth full of the flavours we know and love.  But no-one that smokes a pipe needs reminding that the impact of our actions on those around us has become the focus of the anti tobacco lobby…

I expect you’ve probably heard of e-cigs and e-cigars, maybe even e-pipes (which is something we’ll be offering over the next few weeks too).  The advent of these electronic products has made great inroads and is challenging society on the rights of the tobacco user.  They are designed to replicate the experience of smoking, particularly the nicotine related aspects, but via a more socially acceptable method.

However there is no denying that they are often designed purely as nicotine delivery systems and for most pipe smokers this is simply not the crux of the matter.


They have their place without doubt, as evidenced by the growing popularity of such devices, but as a pipe and tobacco retailer we would question whether they are the ‘real deal’ in delivering a true tobacco experience.  For us it’s the pastime, the experimentation, the flavour of our essentially pure tobaccos, the whole ‘kit and caboodle’!  There must be another way – something that allows us to enjoy our tobaccos even in environments where traditional smoking is unwelcome…

Say ‘hello’ to vaporizing!


Vaporizing (apologies for the spelling but the Americans have claimed this one!), sounds a little like something from an old episode of Star Trek possibly, but the advent of ‘alternative smoking’ devices has been all the rage over the last 18 months and vaporizing is coming to the fore.

So, what is vaporizing how does it work, and why should you want one?  Is it our panacea?

Vaporization is an alternative method of consuming plant materials, most notably pipe tobaccos due to their purity and focus on flavour. A vaporizer extracts the active ingredients of plant materials – in the case of pipe tobaccos the flavours and the nicotine – by using a heating element to heat up the tobacco using conduction, to approximately 180 deg C rather than burning it using a flame at temperatures up to 2000 degs.  This results in zero combustion and eliminates both smoke and second-hand smoke, which are often attributed to health issues and contribute to the anti-social aspects of traditional smoking.  All you get is pure, clean vapour that disperses into the air within seconds, much like that from a humidifier.

In essence then we have a product that is in an entirely separate category from both cigarettes and e-cigs and is specific to pipe tobacco, based upon the principles of a hookah or shisha to heat without ever burning the tobacco, gently warming the leaves to the point at which flavour and nicotine are released in the form of vapour.  Vaporization delivers rich and satisfying flavour – the true taste of the tobacco - without generating smoke or second hand smoke. And there are other advantages too:

  • they are compact and easily portable
  • unlike other alternatives they retain the tactile elements of pipe smoking, such as handling the tobaccos
  • they contain an inbuilt ceramic ‘filter’ in the mouthpiece
  • powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable, internal lithium ion battery
  • automatic  temperature control ensures that the tobacco doesn’t burn but is heated to the correct temperature to extract the flavours and nicotine as required
  • silent and well insulated to ensure the vaporizer can be returned to a pocket or bag without needing cool down time
  • easy to fill, use and clean

So is it the future?  Is it the panacea we’ve been waiting for?

Nothing will ever fully replicate the experience of taking one’s time over a bowl of tobacco in a favourite hand crafted briar or meerschaum, but from our perspective it ticks a lot of boxes – a method of quickly enjoying Carey tobaccos in a more socially acceptable way can only be a good thing we believe.  What do you think..? 

To help you decide we’re offering a 10% discount on these vaporizers for a limited time only, using code VAP1.

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