We’ve Been Making Improvements!


“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

Although in true H.G.Wells style it’s perhaps a little bleak, there’s truth in his words and very few people would disagree that to survive we must adapt, or at very least improve!

So that’s what we’ve done… over the last few months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes (then again I’m bound to say that aren’t I?!) to make some significant improvements to the service we provide customers.  Without going into too much detail it’s always been a bit of a bind operating a mail order/e-commerce business from a tiny island in the middle of the English Channel – too many variables out of our control and that sort of thing.  So we’ve had a few chats with a few people, moved a few bits and bobs around and come up with what we think is a vastly improved door to door operation.  The proof is in the pudding of course, and we look forward to feedback, but the main benefits to you, the customer, are:

  • At last we can send all products in a single parcel (there will be a few exceptions e.g. those products which we send directly from suppliers such as certain cigars and branded tobacco) – no more scenarios where products may arrive several days apart in different packages
  • Deliveries should now be faster and less susceptible to disruption due to bad weather
  • Over time we will start to introduce an increased range of postal and delivery options and prices, including next day services and email/text updates on delivery schedule
  • Although Tobacco Club will still be a weekly despatch, catalogue products (including tobacco) will be despatched daily, resulting in significantly reduced delivery times in some instances
  • Orders placed before 2pm on normal working days will be despatched same day, guaranteed (assuming stocks are available)

We are very fortunate that the vast majority of our customers have never experienced any difficulties of the kind mentioned above, but paraphrasing H.G Wells slightly we decided it was better to adapt and improve than to risk it!

 Self Improvement

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One Response to We’ve Been Making Improvements!

  1. avatar James Maxwell says:

    Always found the service to be very good, although never understood the delay in receiving Carey branded tobacco.

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