Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 115 Winter 2013

As we become more and more used to instant gratification and immediacy it never fails to
amaze me the forward planning that goes into producing our 32 page, quarterly, paper and ink
homage to pipe smoking! Why do I mention this? Well as I write this letter the leaves outside
my window are gradually turning from green to red (it’s Boston Ivy by the way) and a light
mist is slowly clearing to reveal a beautiful, autumnal day here in Guernsey. However, when this
catalogue, our 115th Edition, is completed and reaches doormats around the UK and further
afield I’d wager the atmospheric conditions will be less palatable! So if it is bleak outside why
not hunker down, stoke the fire, pop a palm full into your favourite bowl and prepare to enjoy…

Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 115 Winter 2013

But first, when perusing the catalogue it’s important to remember that these 32 pages are just
a snapshot of what we have available. Displaying 250+ pipes, around 40 tobaccos, more than
20 lighters and countless accessories in a manageable tome is beyond us, but should you wish
to explore our complete offering our website at serves as our full ‘display
cabinet’. For those preferring to steer clear of the internet please feel free to use previous
catalogues in conjunction with this latest edition. Many ranges we carry ‘in perpetuity’, and
if there’s something you’d like from a previous edition that’s no longer on display or readily
available we’ll do our best to find it for you anyway…
And as always at this time of year a brief word about the Christmas holidays… To ensure
delivery in time for Xmas please place all orders before 1pm, 18th December. This year, due to
in-house improvements, we are also pleased to announce that there will be no changes to our
Tobacco Club despatches (although deliveries may take a little longer due to public holidays).
And finally, unlike previous years, we will remain open for business throughout the festive
period, although with only a skeleton staff on the 24th, 27th and 31st December.
Best wishes to you all over Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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