Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 114 Autumn 2013

In welcoming you to our 114th Edition of Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue
I would also like to state with a degree of facetiousness how pleasant it has been to be able
to welcome a summer this year! Very unexpected, and long overdue…
Please feel free to read our latest catalogue, or download it for perusal at your leisure.

Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 114 Autumn 2013

It’s been a busy period for us over the last few months, with lots of new projects on the go
that I will hopefully be able to shed more light on over the coming months. Suffice to say
I think you will approve…
But it’s not been all work and no play as, like many of you, I’ve also had a keen eye on
this year’s sporting challenges. ‘So far so good’ would be my report card comments, but
I’d follow that up with the inevitable ‘don’t let standards drop’. With Lions victory in
a scintillating series, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the Ashes starting as we’d like
them to continue and the Tour de France ending with another British victory these are
happy days indeed. In fact, throw into the mix the general improvement in the economy,
the Royal baby and the fact the sun has been shining seemingly without end and it actually
feels like I’m (pipe) dreaming!
Back to Earth however, this latest catalogue really showcases the breadth of product you will
find available at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop. Numerous pipe ranges displaying different
shapes, sizes, finishes and even filtration systems, from the budget Milano Magic Inch to the
stylish 9mm Sheer Genius on the front cover, and from the world famous Falcon system to
pipes hewn from Somali meerschaum. We are also including ranges that have previously only
graced the pages of our website, including rarities such as the Carve Your Own ebauchons.
With updated central pages displaying all the Accessories a pipe smoker could wish for,
and an ever growing range of Cigars and Smokeless Tobaccos, I hope you enjoy the read!

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