Pre Transition Barlings – Boxed Pair

Time for another peek into the archive to look at an untouched pair of Pre Trans Barlings that form part of our collection.  Beautiful pipes, these conform to the core Barling values of highest quality briar and proportions that are instantly pleasing to the eye…

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2 Responses to Pre Transition Barlings – Boxed Pair

  1. avatar Jesse says:

    Barling received its patent for the stem and bit design in 1935-6, not post WW2. The patent can be looked up online through Google patents. The duration of the patent was for 14 years. So patent pipes date from the period 1936-1950.
    The “Ye Olde Wood” designation was not common at the time that these pipes were made. We don’t know exactly when Barling started using this stamp occasionally, but I have one hallmarked for 1913 which you can see on the Pipedia Barling page.
    Any chance we could get pictures of some of your treasures for the page, with proper attribution of course?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Jesse – i’d be happy to supply you with some shots. I’ll contact you directly to discuss…

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