Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 113 Summer 2013

Welcome to Edition 113 of Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue!  It is with some irony that I look back at the letter I wrote last Summer (Ed 109) bemoaning the poor weather and longing for the gods to smile on us for the remainder of the year.  That’s a mistake I won’t be making again!

This latest edition could easily be entitled ‘Renewal’.  The team have had a busy start to the year sourcing new products to ensure that our offering remains fresh and exciting and we are proud to showcase them within these pages.

Carey's Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 113 Summer 2013

The Jean-Claude Tigrato is an exceptionally stylish pipe, very photogenic, and deserves its place on Pg 21.  And the same can be said for the flawless Barling Grand range on Pg 22, using light stains and highly polished finishes to exhibit the best briar grain we have seen for some time.  We tend to focus on smaller and medium sized pipes but as our international appeal grows we are receiving more requests for larger examples.  The Grand is our nod to those customers preferring an XL pipe, as are the Dr Plumb Giants featured online, along with other new pipes from Big Ben and Savinelli.

New cigars have also been added to offer customers greater choice as we see a resurgence amongst pipe smokers, but most exciting is the first appearance of Carey’s Boutique Blend tobaccos within the catalogue, created for us by smaller, UK based ‘boutique’ manufacturers.  One of our aims for 2013 was to offer an unapologetically classic English/Lakeland blend and so who better to collaborate with than Samuel Gawith, based in England’s Lake District and one of the original English blenders?!  The result is Carey’s Castle Blend – our first foray into tinned tobacco – and a very similar smoke to SG’s own Squadron Leader.  Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly favourable so I would urge any fans of traditional English blends to give it a try…

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