Pipe & Tobacco Newsletter September 2012

Phew! That’s probably the best way I can describe what has been an eventful summer to say the least! I’m sure even the most ardent Olympic cynics couldn’t help but be carried along on the wave of national euphoria as Team GB surpassed everyone’s expectations in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We experienced our very own ‘chase for gold’ with our Olympic Range of pipes, and despite running out of the Gold version (although pipes can be made on a bespoke basis) we still have one each left of the Silver and Bronze varieties. These Chris Askwith made pipes will never be repeated so if you are looking for something a bit special, now could be your chance…

Olympic Silver Olympic Bronze

Staying with the subject of unique and unusual pipes for a moment, we have recently moved offices (as many of you may already know through the occassional exhausted Facebook or Twitter comment!) and in doing so have lifted the lid on a number of packing boxes that remained untouched for years. As can so often be the way, the relocation has therefore helped us unearth a great number of superb pipes that we will, over time, offer for sale on the website. Many are individual items and rarities, so if this is your ‘thing’ our advice would be to maintain a watchful eye on the website, as I expect they will be snapped up fairly quickly when they do appear!

Our catalogue, which was released in the UK during August, featured some of our personal favourite ranges with the Beehive finally getting the front cover placement it deserves, and proving popular as a result. The high end Sheer Genius ranges (Magic Inch and 9mm versions) continue to impress with their effortless, traditional styling and top quality briar, whilst some of the new Guest ranges such as the Comoy’s Pebble Grain and Vauen College have no doubt impressed on their first airings!

Comoys Pebble Grain

Comoy’s Pebble Grain

Hand made by Comoy’s of London these stunning pipes with multi faceted bowls are hand carved into a bold pebble grain design.

Vauen College Red

Vauen College Red

Another truly elegant pipe from Vauen. A very slim design with a small tobacco chamber yet still able to hold a 9mm filter for those who may prefer this system.

On the website meanwhile, PR walked away with this month’s hotly contested Product Review Voucher with the jauntily entitled “Pleasant and Fruity”…“I found this [tobacco] a very pleasing smoke, with a slightly fruity taste. The aroma is fruity and to me seems to be slightly sweet. I would say well worth a try.”We also liked SH’s review of his Starter Kit entitled “Jolly Good Show”…“I recently received my new Starter Kit and I have to say that it is superb. The delivery was very fast and the items are exactly as described. Thank you very much.”

And finally, with our Facebook Fans now numbering well over 7000, and with recent orders from Russia and Finland amongst other places, we are pleased that Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop is appealing to an expanding audience both home and away! Thanks again to all our customers and also to those who choose to contribute in one way or another…

Best Regards,

E. A. Carey

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