Pipe Etiquette – When to Smoke?

As many of you will know we are blessed with an array of fantastic old books and pamphlets describing all things pipe and pipe smoking. It always fascinates me how the mere act of smoking a pipe can be imbibed with so much lore, and the fact that this was recorded so minutely in days gone by. One of my favourite tomes dates from the mid sixties and was published in the USA, and whilst having a flick through I came across this great piece of memorable advice on when to smoke a pipe, under the Chapter entitled Pipe Etiquette…

“The subject of when to smoke has received scant attention – but understandably so, for a man generally smokes a pipe when he feels like doing so. But this early rhyme leaves little doubt that the pipe may be enjoyed from breakfast orange juice to bedtime nightcap:

A pipe at nine is always fine.

A puff at noon is none too soon.

A pipe at three the thing for me.

A pipe at seven an aroma to heaven.

A pipe at nine is half divine.

A pipe before slumber makes just the right number.

So in summary this seems to suggest the more puffs the merrier! Enjoy…

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3 Responses to Pipe Etiquette – When to Smoke?

  1. avatar Steven H says:

    Just read the little rhyme on pipe smoking times from your archive series (9 August 2012). It was neat, to the point and summed up a pipe day for me! I manage, on average, about six bowls a day, depending on how busy things are. If I am out visiting or in appointments, I don’t smoke until the job is finished. I like to begin the pipe smokes early at around 6am if I can get up then! Finish at around midnight, so you could say I am an all day smoker! And, right now, absolutely savouring your Ready Rubbed No. 7 and the Bruno Special blends. Great tastes and smokes.
    Enjoy your pipe today, wherever you are.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Steven – it sounds like you get the most out of your pipes, that’s for sure! All the best and ‘happy puffing’.

  2. avatar David Marshall says:

    I really like this little rhyme, glad to say I have been following that sort of timetable for many years, except my first pipe is enjoyed around 7am

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